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I'm very grateful for this group because I am able to submit my merch designs with cute, nerdy fox designs on them! Thank you! And I gotta say, the icon for this group is downright gorgeous. ❤

I also love how this group's artwork is organized into many folders so that you can find out about the perfect fox artist you're lookin' for!.


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Foxytales is truly an amazing group. The sheer amount of diversity, creativity, and thought put into this community is just the beginning. No matter your skill level, there is not a more accepting place for fox lovers to come together and share their interest. Not to mention the incredible staff and members- we all support each other with every step, and no matter the issue, we're all willing to help out when there's a problem. I can't think of a place I'd rather be.


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This is truly an amazing group, with so many friendly members! You can earn some inspiration by seeing all the creative and wonderful art! I am not long in this group, but it is such a nice community with interesting events and where we can depend on each other. So yes, it's great to be in this fox-themed group! :3


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This really is an amazing group, and it's just the most heartwarming thing to hear how supportive people are. I'm rather new to this group, and haven't really posted much yet, but I've already had a warm welcome from a few members. People have made beautiful art, as well as been very supportive of each other's' art. Just, amazing job to everyone.

Thank you all for making this a wonderful community!! *big group hug*


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I love this group. It feels like a home! Everyone is so nice and calm and gives good messages to other peoples art. Never leaving!


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I must say, out of all the groups on dA, this is my favourite one. Everyone is awesome here!


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I'm so amazed how much the people here are sticking together to help each other and how nice everyone is. So far i haven't seen any hateful, or hostile comments. This whole experience of having nice people around is so new to me and i'm glad i found this growing family. I just sincerely hope it's gonna stay the way it is. Perhaps it's gonna help me with my social problems as well.

Thank you Foxytales

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This community just keeps getting better and better :squee:

I love this group and what it stands for :love:


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Foxytales isn't just a large, growing group, its a family. A family that helps their members when they are in need, and supporting each other through kind words. With the added help of adorable foxes!


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The positive and helpful community in this group is so nice! It makes me proud to be a part of it!


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i think foxytales is a group with many-a talented and learning artists who dont mind helping a hand if its needed~!


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Can I just how much I love this group? The submissions are all wonderful, and the people are all so nice!


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This group is absolutely fantastic, the members are always nice to each other. I am always happy seeing the new art that comes into the group each day and how we are all able to come together and share our love for foxes!<33


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I was a member of Foxytales since the group was created, and I am proud to be a member of this amazing community!

Here is everything so calm, nice and sweet! I never saw so many people who love foxes at one place.

I hope this group will keep growing! :D


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I'm very grateful for this group because I am able to submit my merch designs with cute, nerdy fox designs on them! Thank you! And I gotta say, the icon for this group is downright gorgeous. ❤

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I also love how this group's artwork is organized into many folders so that you can find out about the perfect fox artist you're lookin' for!


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Want to appear on our wall of love? Please send a note to the group and write what you think about Foxytales and it's members!

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We're open for donations!

We're trying to get some points for the contests, raffles and challenges to make the group even more active! If you want to help us organise them or just wish to spread the love, please donate!


Be sure to write that's a donation "for Foxytales"!

Current amount: 327

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Those people are awesome!

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    the Foxytales page has been moved to the new system (by force) and so im working on the page to make it look nice again, trying to use alot of stuff from the old layoutm however it seems not everything will fit as i want it and some features that existed in the past seems gone now. for example being able to easily add deviants icons into journals or posts or anywhere by typing :IconDeviantname: but now you cant do that anymore as far as im aware. does anyone know how or know of a solution to fix this? also if you have suggestions or feedback on the current look of the page do feel free to say so
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    Art submissions

    1 min read
    Hello! i dont know why but today i had alot of notifications in my inbox about the group and when i go to check them i see that there are things from 4 days ago among other things. they werent there before, i check the notifs everyday. so if anyone feels like their submission has been missed or other feel free to send it in again hope this wont be an issue /Admin
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    Hello everyone! happy new years to all in due time! Im writing to you to inform you of this contest that was suggested by @SaviorFoxOwlis Basicly the contest is about having the winner(s) art on the front page of the Foxytales group! There arnt many requirements to this and there gonna be a few categories you can make art for which i will list As far as i know only coding isnt accepted by the new layout, but you can still use full images, transparent ones and pixel ones in the layout. Images: For this category for the front page it would probably be best to make those in a portrait position and nothing important in the center of the image, however images can be used as a cover for journals as well! for journals its best to make them in slim landscape position. Fully illustrated which means preferable not transparent unless you have a smart idea to it. Pagedolls: like the one i used at the start of this journal, can be pixel art or just regular 2d art. can vary in size
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    Autumn Mist

    Fox Related Media

    Kagemono: full version

    Kagemono is the story of Beopup, a little fox who goes hunting in an enchanted forest and encounters something he did not expect.

    Wood colored foxes by Madeleine Mathis

    A Fox And A Mouse by ESMA

    A Fox Tale Short Film by A Fox Tale Team

    The Girl and the Fox by Base14

    The Saga of Rex: Pt. 1 - Abduction by Michel Gagné

    Is fox your spirit animal?

    Find out here!

    Fox emoji - hello

    Foxtober 2 Soul

    Fox Spirit Animal

    The fox is often associated with the figure of the trickster, but as a spirit animal, it can also turn into a teacher providing guidance on swiftly finding your way around obstacles. If you follow the fox totem wisdom, you may be called to use or develop quick thinking and adaptability. Responsive, sometimes cunning, this power animal is a great guide when you are facing tricky situations.

    Fox Symbolism

    The symbolic meanings associated with the fox are:

    ♥ Physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness

    ♥ Cunning; seeing through deception; call to be discerning

    ♥ Ability to find your way around, to be swift in tricky situations

    ♥ Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work

    Fox spirit animals and responsiveness

    When the fox appears in you life as spirit animal, it encourages action and quick, swift moves. You may be called to take action in a way that shows your adaptability and ability to move quickly through obstacles and resistance.

    Being inspired by a fox totem, you can work at developing the sharpness of your mental skills: Analytical intelligence, power of deduction, observation can come into play more powerfully in how you deal with daily matters or bigger projects.

    The spirit of the fox may also imply that you are sharpening your physical alertness and responsiveness.

    Fox spirit guides and deception

    Fox Spirit

    The fox is known for sneaking into homes and getting away without being caught. Because of it’s characterized by its cunning ability, this animal has acquired the image of trickster in a number of cultures.

    When the fox appears in your life, it may indicate that you need to pay attention to people or circumstances that may be deceiving or tricking you into going down a path that does not necessarily serves you. This spirit animal may call you to be more discerning in relationships, whether it’s in business or friendships, or in choices you make for yourself.

    Following the fox totem wisdom, look for any area of your life where you may be cunningly led to do something else than you would in all reason do. Use discernment in your choices and actions.

    Do you want more abundance and success in your life? Your personal vibration frequency could be the thing holding you back. To start raising your energetic frequency today, you’ll want to download the Energetic Breakthrough Kit from Christie Sheldon. This proven method includes a few things but most of all check out the heart center awakening meditation! Click here to get your free energetic breakthrough kit.

    Fox totem wisdom and the ability to find your way around

    The fox as a spirit guide offers good teachings about getting around obstacles instead of confronting them head to head. You might find that you could renew or be smarter about how you deal with areas of resistance in your life or projects.

    Having the fox as spirit animal, you may be guided to learn from lessons in a way that may feel like you are being challenged or sometimes even being tricked. To make the most of the fox totem wisdom, keep a strong sense of humor and be smart of the lessons you learn.

    The power of the fox is a great support to develop your ability to find the sharpest and smartest solution to any problem. Call on the fox guidance when you feel lost and need help finding you way.

    blue skies and pretty eyes

    Fox spirit animal and nocturnal habits

    Foxes are most active at night, but also are day animals. By affinity with the animal totem, you may like to be active and bring your creativity to its peak during night time as it gives you the space to be closer to your natural state.

    Working with dreams is a particularly useful practice for those who have the fox as a spirit guide. The affinity with the night activities supports the connection with the dream world.

    Fox animal symbolism and traditions

    The fox is often associated with the dark side of magic. In a lot of cultures, seeing a fox as you start a new project or endeavor is a bad omen. In some Native American belief systems, this animal represents the practice of negative sorcery and the dark manipulation of magic powers.

    The fox has long been considered as a witty, quick and intelligent. In some European traditional tales, he’s the character who outsmarts humans and other animals alike and gets away even in the trickiest situations.

    Dreaming about The Fox

    The fox and its ability to quietly and masterfully get into the hen house, have made this spirit animal a universal symbol of being sly, cunning, shrewd, clever, tricky and opportunistic. Therefore a fox in your dreams is often a symbol to watch out for danger from around you. There may be hidden enemies or rivals waiting for the right opportunity.

    However, the fox may also be a symbol of connecting to the parts of you that are cunning and clever. Is there a situation that requires a clever solution? Is there an opportunity that is just waiting for you to take it?

    by Elena Harris, Spirit Animal Editor

    The Fox Prayer by Travis Bowman, illustrated by Eliot Alexander

    51XQii3pMKL. AC UF894,1000 QL80

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    I thought that this group was dead since all my submissions were left to expire for years & years. I have no reason to be here anymore.

    sorry you feel that way but i really havent seen your submissions in the feed, i check them daily

    Well, all my fox drawings, photographs & screenshots always went expired after I submitted them here.

    did you retry recently?

    Hi , everything here is so cute :3
    I love OC Foxes & vixens but I am envy vv