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phwew!! moving is such a pain in the ass who's with me? so much has gone wrong this week i can hardly bother to go into it all. between not having the keys on time, movers trying to impose hidden fees and me having to haggle them down, construction rendering our tub/shower completely useless and no shower head, and much more, i am FINALLY moved into my new place.  and just barely three days later my internet actually gets moved with me with no effort beyond calling bell. very happy the internet at least worked without hiccups lol. all in all this apartment is my dream place. it's big, has character, beautiful hardwood floors, a balcony, AND it's in a pretty red brick ivy covered low rise building :heart:

here's some pics lol...…

anyone have any moving horror stories? this one was probably one of the more stressful ones out of my hundreds of moves haha. i plan on staying here for more than a year hopefully. i actually was supposed to stay in my last place until september but there was way too much wrong with that place and it was too much money to be dealing with constant ceiling leaks, pests, and other junk so we got out of lease early.

yay for it all being over!!!!

p.s. big thank you to :iconpaxjah: for hosting me. as per my last journal i had been looking for a good free host that allowed for php and mysql for forum/wiki purposes and she graciously offered and i am ever so grateful!! go check out her awesome pixel work lol. thanks, love! :heart:
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DetectiveMel Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
:o I love the fireplace. I really like the look of the apartment, actually. Yay!
I hate moving, it is so... ugh. For me it's that I am a packrat and just before I move I have to sort out all the crap I've managed to accumulate over the year(s) and it takes so long and it's rubbish.
My last house apparently had a few problems with some of the utilities which was a bitch for my housemates to sort out. But because I moved in a couple of months after them (I was in the US) it was all sorted and in working order by the time I got there :D Haha, easiest move ever that was.
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
the fireplace works too!! it's not just for show lol. can't wait for winter we're so gonna roast hot dogs and marshmallows up in there haha.

i'm such a packrat too the problem is i leave everything until last absolute minute, like last several hours before movers come literally, so i end up lugging crap with me everywhere that should seriously be thrown out. i have a bunch of rubbermaid bins full of old school work and books and crap that i'm going to go through and just toss once and for all this time. time to downsize!
DetectiveMel Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
LOL I do the same! Last minute everything. I think it helps a lot when it comes to the final cull, though (providing you do it in time LOL) because there is no time to look at something and come up with reasons why you need to keep hold of it. It's just: 'I will need this' or 'I won't need this', simple. Moving time is the only time I go through all my collected junk.
julia-b Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
last time i moved it was raining SO BAD, we had to run around in the rain carrying boxes, because i moved to an apartment just across the street from where i lived before. it was kind of fun though, i have to admit, haha

ohh the living room seems so nice and the kitchen wallpaper is adorable!
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
oh man i'd hate it if it were raining :o i guess i'll thank my lucky stars i've never been caught moving in the rain XD. the living room is definitely the main attraction. it's huge!! i wasn't thrilled about the wallpaper in the kitchen. i prefer a "clean" look but they've grown on me a bit. lol
Chaliosa Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
that is a nice apartment. Lovin the wood flooring. And you have so much white wall to work with! Looks great so far. And you have a fireplace nice!
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
yeah i'm in love with it! lol there's a lot of work to be done unfortunately though since it's an old building. mostly it's the bathroom that's messed up. the floors are definitely a favorite of mine and the fireplace works!!! i'm actually looking forward to this winter XD. my roommate has a projector that we always use for watching movies and playing video games so one of those big white walls will be strictly for that :lol:
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June 4, 2011