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this is where i'll be this weekend. wiping out on my ass the whole time! Mont Tremblant of the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada via Porter Airlines <-- where i work lol. $35 domestic round trips anyone? um yeah i'll take that.

i am so excited/freaked out i could wet my pants!!! XD :excited:

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there's going to be six of us cramming into a nice little suite in the heart of the village. from what i gather there is a lift like right outside the hotel entrance XD. apparently it snows like everyday however it's HELLA cold in most parts of quebec vs. southern ontario where i'm from especially this non-existent winter heh. eeee! a friend of mine from work was just there last weekend and suggested where to go each night etc. it's going to be sick piles of fun. we'll be staying here at this adorable little gingerbread-ish house:

i've been researching like crazy as i always do before i travel. lots of great reviews although it's considered a party hotel i'm certainly not complaining. it's what we plan to do all weekend! the village is actually too cute for words it looks like a little gingerbread land with it's snow capped gabled roofs and bright coloured buildings. i will replace these cheesy travel/tourism website images with proper pictures upon my return. was just too excited and had to blog about it. i, again, won't upload all the pics but will most likely do another long photo journal and i'll upload everything to my flckr.

i'm off to do some laundry/figure out what to pack. life's good! how's everyone else? :D

p.s. i think i feel like cataloging my porter (mis)adventures with my buds. probably will do it with my flckr and my arts/crafts/soon to be travel blog. next stop chi-town! (chicago :P)

image © Porter Airlines </shameless employer plug>

a very many thanks to the anonymous lovely person who gifted me a 3 month sub :heart: xoxoxo!!!!!!!
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Submitted on
February 8, 2012