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hmm so i need some extra cash.  

thought i'd throw the 'c' word out there and see what kind of response i get.  friends and family in real life are always bugging me about why i don't make money off my art and i'm like... it's not as easy as all that XD.  however can't get anywhere if i don't try.

i know i need to get some more sample work going of what exactly i'd be offering and i'd most likely need to establish myself a bit more but again thought i'd throw it out there.

would anyone be interested? my range would be pretty cheap somewhere like $5-$10 for a sketch (depending on if it's bust or full body and how detailed) and like $10-$20 for colour (again depending on size and detail). of course these prices aren't set just a ball park.  i've been researching other commissioners for a while to see what kind of offers they make so i'm trying to get really edumacated before i take this on :P

oh p.s. i bought a sub.  YES!!! hurry up paypal i hate waiting for that fucking shit to "process" 5-15 days WTF?????

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o-kaykay Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
What ever happened to my avatar that you were making for me like last year? :lmao:

P.s nice to see you're still around! =p
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Submitted on
November 16, 2010