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Well I brought back my sketch blog. I already posted more in the last week than I ever did and I started back in 2011 lol.

Like I mentioned last journal it's been almost 3 years since I last updated! For the last 2 years I've been working on indie film productions, have joined the local union, and started an apprentice program in the Art Department. I always knew I wanted to be in entertainment involving art somewhere. I still want to work towards concept art but figured in the meantime I should just get into film at least to start somewhere and get some experience. Anyway finally left Porter Airlines and have ditched the indie film fun for actual paid work :lol:  However I'm still in the early stages and need to add to my portfolio hence the sketch blog and coming back here to get some sort of daily routine going.

I decided to mess around with watercolours. I had this idea for a thing I wanted to do and then I started buying art supplies like a maniac and yeah. Loving it! Paint's expensive though :/ Hopefully lots more updates to come :P

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Dalliann Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Yay!  Adding your site to my bookmarks for my weekly blog crawl. :)

Congratulations!  That seems like a really smart move, jumping into the industry where you can and then maneuvering into the position you want.  And by the time you get to that position, you'll probably be even more valuable because you've had experience in other departments, hence a more knowledgeable, well-rounded view of the industry in general.  Sounds like a win-win! :D
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
Yeah it's been tough getting my foot in the door but I think things are picking up. I went to visit an Art Department today and conveniently got a one week stint on the show starting next week to replace their apprentice whose gone on vacation. Things are supposed to get really busy partly because our dollar is low so it's even cheaper than usual to shoot in Toronto now lol :laughing: 

Thanks for adding me to your bookmarks :D
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January 13, 2016


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