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toxicfox through the ages lol by FoxyRepublic toxicfox through the ages lol by FoxyRepublic
edit: sigh. please download for full view especially for the pixel work! i had to go into chrome to make sure the download pop up feature actually works since on firefox 5.0 for mac and most versions earlier this DOES NOT WORK. such bullshit.

Agent ToxicFox/Toxin: 2004-Present
well. i'm sort of on a few projects at once here. i know i said i'm all about dolling all of a sudden in my journal which i am. i did do a few new coco poses! i'll post those once i have a good set to follow the 2nd wave lol

anyway the other project is to take this character and.. build her the world she so deserves and has been meant to have all these years. i know everyone and their dog wants to do this but i'm thinking graphic novelish ideas :lol: (which was supposed to be the plan with her and the other agents in the first place XD)

but before i get carried away... she needs a revamp which i've sort of started on my other account. the rest of the project will continue on my other account as well but i just thought before i retire "toxicfox/toxin/she never really had a non-code name name" for good here, i'd post a last hurrah.

it's funny i remember vividly #1 (that fugly thing in the bottom left corner from Dec. '04) #2, and #3 but the order after that could be anything. I know the black and white manga style one is the latest toxin thing ever though!

fun stuff!!

ps. credit to all above work goes to me. all illustration is my original sketch work coloured in photoshop and all pixel work is on my own bases. :D
DetectiveMel Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
Yeaah, Toxin! Always liked this gal.
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