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rorag: provincial flags by FoxyRepublic rorag: provincial flags by FoxyRepublic
yay more extreme nerdyness for rorag. i started these with a sketch a while back. I still have three more to go but don't think i'll be working on anymore today so i figured i'd just upload what i had so far. just 'cause i'm alive kinda :P i'm insanely happy with these actually and they're totally fun to make lol

:bomb: weapons: adobe illustrator/photoshop CS5

:bomb: original concepts: rorag: fun with flags i went way in another direction for Qualland's flag but i'll probably use that idea for one of the other three.

:bomb: tidbits:
:bulletblue: Qualland: this is where Rorag and main headquarters for the wizard governing body lies. it is the heart of the wizard world and the only all wizard province on the continent.

:bulletblue: Langlenaxe: the policital/military stronghold for the non-magic folk of the continent. Langlenaxe has cities and towns populated by all types including wizards, but is predominantly a human or non- magical province.

:bomb: Flaggies and the world of Rorag me!

i know i keep changing the names of shit but this is for real for real permanent. Qualland has been so for a while but it used to be called Quall and before that i dun even know lol. Langlenax (Lan-glen-ax) used to be called Loremas but no biggie. I like my new names better so i'm pretty sure they'll stick :P
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February 24, 2013
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