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Troubled Mr. Malestrom: Rorag
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Published: January 27, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 FoxyRepublic
well this is about my biggest pixel feat yet XD! all by me with some very sexeh references which will be cited below. this was a welcome home gift to one of the admins at Rorag. she's back for good now and i could literally just bounce off the walls XD! the white collared shirt was really difficult and still in my own perfectionist's opinion looks like assshit but whatever. *grrs at it* I love how his face/hair/rose/and overall body came out. i never thought i'd get around to guys honestly. curse the collared shirt uniform that really shouldn't even be part of the uniform 'cause it's not really medieval garb in the first place! <-- longest curse ever. CURSE IT!! :lmao: but yeah. me likes yay :D

:bulletgreen: Weapons of Choice: WACOM Graphire 4x5 tabbie, Adobe Photoshop 7, 1 px pencil tool. Rage also needs a theme song O__O! i work well creating characters with these, you see.

:bulletgreen: Alternative Weapons: reference 1 (my personal fave XD), reference2, reference3. pose wound up pretty different but the secone ref pic was the one i used most. i just... kinda drooled all over the first one for the most part. i think it's the purply pink tones that make it so hottsex on a platter :drools:

:bulletgreen: Char Tidbits: well i won't go divulging all about Rage here since the dear boy's life and times are not mine to divulge. he belongs to lovely lore. :) but i'll explain the rose i guess XD! rage has a thing for my character Jolie (or Little Miss Harlow) and well in about every RP we've had together, he's conjuring up lil' roses with his clever little spell and surprising her. Jolie still has no clue who's magicking up roses for her as rage is a very secretive and shy lil' thing heh. the two are a match made in heaven to say the least what with jolie's "i hate people, they get in the way of me becoming super wiz extraordinaire". :lmao:

i had to put that dark grey background behind him so that the white shirt would show properly. otherwise i wouldn't dream of it O__O! oh well.

/disclaimery thing/
Characters "Rage H. Malestrom" is © to Lore and "Jolie Harlow", and the world of Abandon/Rorag © to moi! No touchy and shit. I know no one really reads all that crap but just saving my ass and all.
/end disclaimery thing/
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very hot indeed :) lol. I love his hair and expression. You seem to know just the perfect place to out every fold and shade. great work :sun:
Paramaniac's avatar
Oh man, there's no way I can go into how much this rocks so hard. I'm sure you know it does! That shading is so friggin detailed! The open shirt...the rose and (for some reason) that tie just make him look so sexy! And the piercing... boys with piercings... lol, it's hot.
But still... where do you get the motivation from, girl??
FoxyRepublic's avatar
yes boys with piercings it tres hott. 'specially tongue ones :strip:!!!! motivation comes mostly from my love of creating characters heh. i love trying to capture their quirks and expressions even if they're not mine :lmao: most of my art is of characters. it's inspirational!!
stone-statue's avatar
Awesome shading hun as usual, I never have the patience to finish dolls anymore :giggle:
FoxyRepublic's avatar
yeah it's definitely hard to finish these days. but i find when i just aim at doing a pixel piece from scratch i'm more motivated to finish :shrug: especially if it's of mine or someone else's characters. they're more fun :D thanks, hon! :blowkiss:
Lunie-Chan's avatar
The base is really beautiful *o* What a beautiful face!
The hairs are so pretty and I love the little flower ^_^
FoxyRepublic's avatar
thank youuu :D he's meant to be slightly rugged but he came out kinda pretty instead XD!!
KaliFrantically's avatar
Beautiful base and i love the folds and the hair *o*
FoxyRepublic's avatar
thanks so much, hon :kiss:!!
tedsie's avatar
Great job! I love your style--so distinctive in every piece. :D
FoxyRepublic's avatar
thanks hon :blowkiss:!! a friend of mine said it was the faces i did XD! apparently they make my stuff easy to pick out heh. :shrug:
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MeganClare Digital Artist
Oooo he's fine!!
Bob-is-cool's avatar
oooo nice. it looks....shexy. he has a great expression on his face. hehe i love that rose and that tie! and i had fun looking at the reference picture ^.~
FoxyRepublic's avatar
tanks! :heart:!!! the expression is classic for the char too which is why i'm so all over it XD! wasn't too hard to get through it either usually faces are touch but satisfying XD! i'm glad you like the tie 'cause it's still buggin' me *lol* i think it's the swinging angle it's a bit off but feck it. oooo and glad you enjoyed the reference pics, i sure did :P
Dalairen's avatar
+FAV! Another real work from real artist!
FoxyRepublic's avatar
thanks, love :) for the fave too hee
Dalairen's avatar
Eeee....Don't you wanna release base for this pic?
FoxyRepublic's avatar
heh, i'll probably just release it here on DA if anything. it's just that i didn't bother shading it all over 'cause i wanted to get the doll DONE :lmao: so like the torso and upper arms still need work which means it wouldn't be for a while if i even did release. maybe though..
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Mistress-JaedenProfessional Artist
Thats hot! The rose is lovely, and the collared shirt is amazeing, even I have serious problems with those.


FoxyRepublic's avatar
thank youuu :kiss:!! i just have such a time figuring out where folds should go still :( 'tis why that shirt was such a biatch heh. i should really gather a bunch of shirt references to glance at while working on those. then it's shading it with a boring colour like white on such a big surface area geeze @__@! XD
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