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Re-Draw - Betta Fish Girl Thing
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Published: February 7, 2016
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I've gotta stop working on this lol. It started as a quick sketch that I wanted to colour nicely into let's do a big thing. Here's the original:…

Not sure I'll keep up this hair technique. A few years back I posted a free sketch journal and one of the sketches I was doing for someone I did this hair and loved it but with this size it's just too much fuss lol. I like it but not this big omg.

I like parts of this but I'd like to work on transparency techniques and become a bit more efficient I was a bit all over the place here experimenting. It's so rainbow haha. I was trying to capture the colour insanity of the original but make it a bit more cohesive.

Anyway it's been a while holy crap,

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Sol-Caninus| General Artist
I wouldn't argue with results.  You've taken the original to a much higher level, composed it, corrected the head, and colored it very nicely.  It seems as if you were working out problems in every area of art.
The strongest area is design, where the troublshooting you did is quite sophisticated - look at the way the fins of the fish stand out in opposition, both in color and line to the swirls of hair.  If i had done it the fish would have been swallowed by the hair pattern.  

The only things I would say about the comp is 1) avoid dividing the canvas in half.  Even though there is a design filling it out, the difference in intensity between the top and bottom practically cuts it in half where the bottom half starts.  2) Block the corners.  Corners are eye-traps, so don't do anything that points into them or emphasizes them, as is done here in both bottom corners.  And, 3) be careful about objectifying borders and where to crop the figure.  Here the breast and an encircling wisp of fabric on the arm practically rest on the lower border of the canvas.

The weak area is the body, which looks mushy, except for the head.  Head is looking solid! (Man!  you really improved that from the original!)  The problem is with both 1) the conception of the underlying anatomy, which is indefinite and (in places) incorrect, or imprecise*, and 2) the technical application, which relies almost entirely on monochrome transitions where variations in hue and chroma should/could do more work to substantiate the 3DI.  

Imprecise* - Things like the placement and shape of the collar bones look like afterthoughts, something thrown in ad hoc.  They distort the relationships that depend on them.  It's one thing to suggest anatomy, which is good to do, rather than spelling it out in bold type and defining every detail.  But that's different from marking it incorrectly.  Another place where precision would pay off is in the shape of the head, with the planes marked off in construction to enable the hairline and the hair patterns to describe its mass from the surface.  As it is, the hair is a little like a wig that's askew.

TL;DR: Great sense of design. Tweak composition skills.   Push the anatomy studies. 

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Hey sorry for the delay I've been drawing up a storm haha.

Thanks very much for all your insights. When I read this and look at it again everything makes sense and is clear. I wasn't thinking too hard on the design or the anatomy beyond the head actually which is unfortunate but I think I just burned out after shading all that damn hair which I realize now I didn't even finish in some areas!!

I'm definitely watching my hair placement more now (actually just finished a quick sketch last night on that very subject!) and have incorporated figure proportions into my fanatic head studying so I can see right away why the collar bones are wrong lol.

Really appreciate your in depth comments thanks again :D :D
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Sol-Caninus| General Artist
OMG.  I just re-read my comment.  Seems I got carried away :blush:  Well - glad you took it in the right spirit :)  

In my experience the way we learn is often by hearing the same things coming from different places.  After a while a lightbulb goes on, so to speak.  I'm sure you've heard some of this before and will hear it again - probably not all at once, though :blush:  
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