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La Bebe: Pitch Fork Biatch by FoxyRepublic La Bebe: Pitch Fork Biatch by FoxyRepublic
Heh, this is from a little while ago. I figure I'll keep myself in the habbit of updating so I don't dissappear for months at a time. So just uploading this. Was playing with gradient making here and well just testing out the new pose (at the time already have another finished and one more crazy one in the works ). I like the colour scheme on this! Her hair has to be my favorite I'm a little iffy on the sleeves and how the folds fall near the bottom at the trim. Think there's something off there but couldn't figure it out. I uploaded the version with the dangly bits in her ponytail that everyone seemed to like better. I personally like the one without but meh. The danglies were stolen from a doll of R4 Agent Nocturnal that I'd started but I won't be finishing it so nyeah. I know the weapon leaves alot to be desired. I said I'd go back and try but I just have so much that I want to draw pixel and CG that I can't be bothered I just want to move on to the next XD Anyway I'm savign that pitch fork shit for the "loaded" part of the set so I'll try and jazz it up for that XD

:bulletgreen: Weapons of Choice: WACOMB grapire 4x5, Adobe Photoshop CS 8, 1 px pencil, and hmm few days as usual always the same ol' tools XD

That's it! c/c welcomed :lol:
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Lunie-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2005
Wonderful *o*
I love it! Her hair are amazing ^^ I love the jewels on her hair ^o^
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2005
Aaw thanks, hon :D I hope to have a new Bebe soon this be old XD. I do have an EE request that needs doing and I think this is the base for it! *lol*
LissieLynne Featured By Owner May 31, 2005   Digital Artist
Gorgeous doll on a gorgeous base! Well done again Foxy!! Ahh, i'm inspired to doll on this base now! *Thank you for inspiraton Foxy.*
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2005
Aaaw no thatnk YOU for such lovely comments XD :lol: <-- not really laughing I just love that face XDDD Is that miss Bebe I see in your av there too? *lol* Boy she gets around the little minx >__> Thanks again, hon! *kiss*
FoxyRepublic Featured By Owner May 28, 2005
I just realized I hadn't replied here :o Thank you so much you all! :lol:
tedsie Featured By Owner May 27, 2005
I too love that base. Also, the shading on the clothing is wicked. ^_^
Pomma Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Your Bebe base is so beautiful. T_T
I have nothing to critic, the shading is perfect and I love the hair, the outfit and the colors. ^_^
Narfmaster Featured By Owner May 6, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
Haha...that's awesome. :D
Really quite amazing detail on her hair and clothes...I love her braids. :nod: Possibly the staff could use with some anti-aliasing because of the straightness of it, but the rest of it doesnt. No way.
Kurashi Featured By Owner May 6, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe, pretties... I like her hair... ( Pssst! I can see her knickers! )
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May 6, 2005
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