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Angie and Illyad: Rorag 8D
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Published: September 15, 2005
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Well I started this flipping thing in May. Checked the date the original .psd was created and just... wtfff wow. It's still not done as I have a background in the works but I really dunno when I'll ever get it done, heh. Though I may consider it as a portfolio piece to display one of my er.. medias? :laughing: Anyway I was really inspired and in love with the doll Jaeden did on this base and I was digging through Bobby's site for some RP char bases, came accross this and thought why not? 'Course I remember a bit of coxing from sooz too since she was workign on a big projecty doll on one of Bobby's couple bases. It was of her char Hex Devlin and cole's char Liliberri Halfalken together but Hex apparently had his wandering eye on Jolie in the pixel piece in progress XD! Since she's so uninterested in him it's only natural I 'spose. *sigh* Rorag soap operas. So yes I've gone way off topic. This doll was a long time coming obviously and it's still not to my complete satisfaction. I think Angie needs her cloak or something she seems too plain. Plus there's supposed to be a dragon head tread on the sole of her boot ( see here, base Jaeden's ) but I really couldn't be assed by the end. I tried. :/ Overall I'm pretty happy with it I think my favorite part has to be the edit of the base itself, their faces and hair. And Anjulie's wizard dagger! More info/blabbering on that below in Char Tidbits. So yeah lemme know what y'all think! C/C welcome as always.

:bulletgreen: Weapons of Choice: WACOM Graphire 4x5 tabbie, Adobe Photoshop CS8/7, 1 px pencil toolie. And fucking Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on auto REPEAT. 'Tis their song :heart: *sings* Thunder only happens when it's raaaaaainin'... Players only looooove you when they're plaaaaaayin'.....

:bulletgreen: Char Tidbits: Right. So there's a gigantic explanation for Headmistress Anjulie's exciting little life here, however I've added a smidge more scandal to it. Illyad in fact brought her to Rorag for fear of his ever-growing feelings for the young chickie. He's er.. five years older so no biggie here in this "scene" but back when she was 13 and he 18 well... little more taboo though not really since it's the middle ages XD. In my head it's scandalous dammit!! He brought her to study at Rorag so she could be safe and grow and mature and such, didn't want to take advantage of the young girl aaaw he sweet. She still did bust her way in on the same terms stated in the afore linked deviation mind you. Any frigging ways in this "scene" (oh yes.. there's SO a fucking story behind this XD!!) Anjulie and her lusty playmate Illyad (or Gallion as h e's known outside his elven 'hood) have just returned to the Wayward Wizard pub in The Dragon Crawl (main town/market area of Quall. Quall of course being the hidden wizardy world of Abandon ^__^;; ). Here we see young Miss Grace as a full blown Master of Elements/Enchantress (trades she learned at Rorag XD) working as a High Ranger for the Guild woo! What she's wearing here is a fancier variation of the main Enchantress/Ranger uniform. There's Conjurer/Rangers, Elementalist/Rangers and yeah bunch of other "school of wizardry" type Rangers and they all have different uniforms. So they're back from a quest of course. Illyad works as sort of a freelance Ranger, if you will, helping the Guild out on quests where only his special brand of elfy skills and wisdom could do the trick, heh. He ran away from his stuffy elven kingdom at a very young age and after lolly gagging around with random characters, finally picked up the Guild gig. After leaving Anjulie at Rorag, much to her dismay, Illyad swore to come back for her and he did. Even visited a few times only to find her cuddling up to other boys at school XD. But once she left for the Guild they picked up right where they left off and set out adventuring/working together as we see them here. I haven't quite worked out what the quest was for but they end up in a cold, wintery region and unfortunately the cold makes poor Angie's powers weaken. She gets kidnapped and forced to work as a dancer at a seedy pub/inn. She ends up switching to survival mode (a practice she now preaches very hard on her poor students in Defence class. Magical bootcamp, anyone?) and digging her way out of the cell she was kept in with dagger, heh, crawling her way back to the inn where she and Illyad were staying and passing out in front of it. He finds her :D Wootyeah so that's it. I really, really like to make up stories. :D

*edits* Oh yes! Angie's wizard dagger! I was looking up weapons and found this really cool one called a "merlin dagger". Cool shit inspired me. So anyway this special dagger was crafted by the elves of Illyad's kingdom just for her! He took her back to his 'hood (while they were *cough*rangering*cough*) after staying away for decades. It was her idea he wasn't into it but folded to her charms and took her, they all loved her of course and made her the dragon head dagger as a parting gift. The dragon head being symbolic of the Rorag Academy and Wizard's Guild. Woot!

So yeah. I plan to CG and pixel more of these hot young Rorag lovers in the near future, hee. :laughing: I actually started my own portrait couple base and have something planned for it. Mind you it was also started months ago and still not up to my ridiculous standards yet XD. Imma stop blabbering now.

/disclaimery thing/
Characters "Anjulie Grace", "Illyad/Gallion", their story, and the world of Abandon/Rorag © to moi! No fucking touchy! Ha! As if anyone actually reads through that shit.
Kick arse base by Bobby. Unfortunately her site's down so you can't see the base but er.. yeah.. it's hers I swear it :P
/end disclaimery thing/
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From all the faves I've given you, and a watch, over the past.... few hours.... My god, what a good note to finish on. This doll is absolutely amazing! The texturisation you've done on the boots is an amazing contrast to the tights she wears, the hair is absolutely gorgeous (as are they all on your dolls) and the cape and folds leave me in awe. I can't believe how talented you are, it's just... amazing.... How many times have I used that word? D:

All in all, great dolling skills you have tharr. Jenelle is thoroughly impressed with your madness, bro! >D
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thank you very very much for this. i know it was like forever ago that you posted but it seriously made my day :D much appreciated!! wish i could still doll but the only thing i seem capable of is making a new base set every several months XD
Fluttur's avatar
Aww nono it's perfectly okay! XDDD
And nuu D: You're still so awesome, don't give up! Bases aren't bad either though xD Make a base and then push yourself to make something from it yourself D< Just do something really random like.... go on polyvore and search a clothes set and make up a doll of one you like? XD That's usually quite fun :3
FoxyRepublic's avatar
ooo i love polyvore. mostly my rp chars inspire me to doll them. i have so many bases in the works it's kind of sick XD. i'll get there i'm working on my next big set right now. and then maybe some chars on it! maybe some fashionistas too who knows?
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YES! Isn't it great for clothing inspiration!? O__O; I never knew how amazing it was until only a little while ago xDDDD
Awww dude! That's okay though, they'll be even more awesome when you release 'em :D I'm looking forward to future dolls and bases from 'ya >D
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EMnEM23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow i really like this one. they look so kicka** haha. keep it up ^^
EMnEM23's avatar
EMnEM23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem ^^
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Rezurii-ChanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my...this is just so gorgeous! O_O
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This is so amazing I can hear my mind snapping. Pixel art must take such patience, especially something like this that is sooo detailed and complicated. I don't think I could handle it at all. Awesome work!
FoxyRepublic's avatar
oh wow thanks so much :blush: it does take alot of time and patience which i don't have much of anymore heh. at least not for pixel art but i'm still trying! the thing is if you dabble in pixel art, you either get addicted to the point of who cares how long it takes must... doll... characters... or you don't. *shrug* it is alot of fun and totally therapeutic(sp?) i highly recomend it! :D thank you again!!
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Stunning! Nice Work
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Valli-chanStudent General Artist
Wow,I saw the thumbnail for this and Angies eyes drew me in.She is beautiful,and Illyad is amazing.Such detail...Her skin tone are absolutly amazing.I want hot cocoa now.
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sorry for my lateness but thank you so much for the comment! :D i would actually like to try another shade of dark skin for once. all my dark skin dolls are the exact same shade XD!!
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FOXEH!!!!!! X0 You know Sunny loves you <3 <3 I always love your dolls and J's bases....@@ but mainly I love the delicious chocolaty palettes you use for your darker complections.......can I lick her cheek? :P
FoxyRepublic's avatar
you can totally lick her cheek she'd just look at you funny and giggle. grace is very playful like that XD!! thanks you, hon i loves you too :heart:!!!
SunneyTehBunney's avatar
Alright! I has permission, I am loved AND Foxy is alive :D oh joy joy joy! :clap:
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that song is effing awesome! have you heard the remake by deep dish w/ stevie nicks??? please say you have... it makes me wanna move and stab someone all at once! ahahaha! can't wait to see a bg on this... that arm looks too floaty-lonely there...!
FoxyRepublic's avatar
*lol* i'll look up that song XD man this comment was ages ago :lmao:
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wow thats amazing!!A really good doll! :D
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thanks so much :heart: your av is too fucking cute *dies* :faint:
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Jebus... the amount of detail is absolutely mind-boggling. I don't even know where to start, commenting wise.

Allright, I'll take a shot: The shoes strike me first. Those boots are amazing, and the level of detail in them alone... woah. I think I remember you saying once that in your early days you used to avoid dolling shoes... I actually find that hard to believe lol, you've got the lighting and texture down spectacularly.
Oh, and I can't believe you did capes! They're so floaty and tedious and hard to get right... great job, though, you leave me thinking maybe I'm the only one with that problem.
I love the details on those weapons, again the texture is fantastic. They're not too shiny where they shouldn't be, etc.
And hair... I find doing guys hair loads harder. Do you get that? I also have a problem with blonde, so to combine the two would probably kill me, heh. I love the dithering shadng on his face. Gawsh, it looks like it took ages to do >.< [then again, if you've had it since may... =P ] What ever possesed you to work on such a big base?? Crazy person, you.

I also love that all your dolls look like yours [if that makes sense?] I think it's the editing job you do on faces, or your shing style, or something, but I always know when it's your work. Plus all the character info gives it so much more meaning.
Dig the style, anyway. Though I'm not sure how long I could work with Fleetwood Mac on repeat XD

To cut a long comment short: This is really stunning. Yay!
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