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Agent: Toxin new base 8D
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Published: December 29, 2005
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k'ay i hate the new macOSX firefox. it freezes everytime i try and type shit into google and me and my multi-tasking ass just lost an entire submission post due to the fucking freezing wonder over there *points gingerly to firefox* so fuck it i'm not going to explain or any of that right now. i may come back and edit but i'm so pissed XD!

new base. it's mine, i made it yadda yadda. it's my secret agent char/alter ego toxin (formerly known as toxicfox) in slightly new attire. gave her a lil' makeover.
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LuchieLuHobbyist Digital Artist
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crystalrevacademy14 Digital Artist
really nice^.^
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freaking love that shading hun! :love: and her gun, makes me wana be a secret agent too :giggle:
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thank youuu :heart: :kiss: i think i've been a bit slack with guns in the past so i am trying a bit harder with them now heh. you can tell more on the other poses of the base heh.
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amythistProfessional Photographer
*glomps* Foxy, you're becoming more active, I love it. She's prettyful, I really adore those boots. And the new base too?! wo0t
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yeah i'm feeling pixelly lately heh. i'm gonna try and squeeze out something tonight/tomorrow before work :lol: thankies!
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That's a freakin amazing doll as usual Foxy *o*
I love her outift, it's so realistic... I think you have an unique dolling style. You always choose realistic colors that your realisticly shade lol and it makes the whole doll even more realistic XD
Anyway the shading of this one doll is stunning, the lights on her pants are perfect and so are her boots & jacket.
I aslo really love the base, she looks great and I like the most her killer face yay :p Your bases are always very impressive congrats!!
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you're the sweetest thing ever XD! :heart: thanks alot for the comment, hon it really made my day when i read it. (like how many days ago now? :lmao: *is slow*) i didn't really realize the whole realistic thing with my dolls but yeah with this one i guess it stands out a bit more *lol* thank youuuu so much :blowkiss:
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powerfulgoddess Filmographer
Very cool. I like very much of her outfit and love the pose. Great work!
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thank you! i like this outfit for her best too she's had many :P
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SarahCB1208Hobbyist Photographer
Holy bejeebus!!

The shading, as usual, is amazing. The outfit is hot, sexy, and bad-ass all at once.
I love how you do weapons. :) Look pretty realistic. :)

Are those boots attainable anywhere?
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thanks so much, hon *gush and blush* :blush:

pfft!! i fuckin' WISH those boots were available *ponders ripping them from toxin's very feet >__> <__<* everytime i pixel those i want hem more dammit. <3 and hugs.. thanks again! :blowkiss:
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*growl* i just wish i had some of those pants. the boot's detailing is magnificent :) wonderful job
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eeps me too the pants and i want the boots XD! she's got some nerve pointing that thing at me when i've designed her such sexy attire! *shakes fist* heheh anyway thanks so much, hon :blowkiss: *is hyper*
Chatterbox3rd's avatar
:p who do you say inspired your shading technique the most?
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um myself? :lmao: does it look like i'm ripping someone off or something? XD anyway no one's really inspired me to the point where i'm mimmicking their style or technique. with pixel art i've always just dicked around until i found something i like. and i think i've kinda found a niche now. however for shading leather checking out Jaeden's site helped me out lots. although if i use another colour other than brown mine doesn't really look like leather XD!
Chatterbox3rd's avatar
i wasn't saying you were "ripping" anyone off :p i was just asking for the sake of asking a great artist. but that's cool! love your style muchos!
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utenaxchanHobbyist General Artist
God, foxy! It's one of my fav' *O*! The shading is very very nice, and I love the way you did her pants'. Boots are especialy great too, I want to do boots like this XD
The base looks very cool too <3! (yeaaah, I want it , I need it X.X I'm a fan of your bases XD!)
wonderful job Foxy ^O^ (sorry for my english too ^^° )
FoxyRepublic's avatar
*glee* :blush: eeps thanks so much, utena :heart: the boots were more difficult on this version of her actually 'cause this base is considerably smaller than Bebe :lol: (dolled the same boots on an older version of toxin). but i managed! and so want to swipe them from her XD! i'll probably post the base here on DA before i release it (just want to get a bit more use out of it first :P ). i'd love to see some people who will actually doll on it test it out heh *evil plotting afoot* :evillaugh:
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god i love how i get update messages now :lmao: ! anywho, smexy as always hun: love the detailing on the pockets and boots of doom <333! can't wait 'til this sets complete and hoping that you'll be pixelling the rest of the r4 agents soon (^-^) !
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ha, ha well beware. it's both a blessing and colossal pain in the rear at once XD! i like keeping tabs on everyone but with the amount of people i watch coupled with the comments, getting back to people is like super extra difficult and time consuming of time i doth not posess :confused: tanks though, hon ;) i may be able to squeeze out a nocturnal on that sassy bum-facing-the-camera pose XD!
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MeganClare Digital Artist
Awesome Foxocube, she has a sessy waist! :0
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