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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yuugiou) RP group~!
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Booty Call :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 2 0
Birthday Wishes by FoxyRainbow Birthday Wishes :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 9 4
Still dead, still alive
I was already dead when they found me.
Somehow, I could see them, I could hear them. Shapes and voices, coming from far away, trying to pull me out of my permanent slumber and back into life.
A light hit my face and someone screamed.
Georgia was a mess of shapes and colors right in front of me. I could hear her sobbing. I didn't know my dad was there until I heard his voice. It came out soft, broken, but then again, can you trust your ears when you're dead?
His hand was on my shoulder. He was promising me it was all going to be okay. He almost sounded re-assuring, but I wanted to tell him... I had to tell him. It wasn't going to be okay. How could it? I was already dead...
There was a siren. Then, another voice, one I couldn't recognize. More lights on my face, more shapes and colors around me, more hands. The same voice again, a face close to mine. He was talking to me, I think he was asking me something. I tried to close my eyes, the light was hurting them. More words, louder this ti
:iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 4 0
Winter Wonderland by FoxyRainbow Winter Wonderland :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 6 3 Lens flare? by FoxyRainbow Lens flare? :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 7 2 Quiet by FoxyRainbow Quiet :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 9 0 Thessaloniki Port by FoxyRainbow Thessaloniki Port :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 1 0 On the open road by FoxyRainbow On the open road :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 4 0 Frozen campus by FoxyRainbow Frozen campus :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 1 0
Humiliation Round
They were both covered in blood, dust and sewer water, panting their lungs out and staring at each other with widened eyes.
The only difference seemed to be that one of them still had the privilege of his weapon.
Bandaged hands were up in the air- his gaze was pain and a strange kind of determination.
Sniper swore he heard him making the sound of a confused animal as he walked away from him, leaving him waist-high in sewer water, but alive.
During the following match, Sniper could swear the runner was trying to get each and every BLU team member before anybody else had the chance, except for him. His assumptions were soon confirmed when they essentially fell on each other in the courtyard and the runner tipped his hat down, over his eyes and ran past him.
He couldn't decide if the boy was plainly confused, or this was his way of showing gratitude.
"This isn't how the 'humiliation' round is supposed to work."
He had heard screams in the middle of the night and had rushed to find
:iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 2 1
Pride Month 2017 by FoxyRainbow Pride Month 2017 :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 2 1
Red and Sugar
   Dorian Hall is a Gangrel fledgling, embraced in a small town, just a few hours after he was beaten half to death. He finds his way to Los Angeles with a little help from his sire and joins the strange game of Jyhad, standing with the Anarchs.
   As he rather unwillingly returns to his home town quite some time later to take care of loose ends and apparent masquerade threats, he lets his mind wonder back to Hollywood and a certain baron that holds his dead heart.

Scarlet, or Ruby, or something like that. Some kind of poetic alternative of the word 'red', her name was.
The news had spread like wildfire.
The beatiful "Red" girl was dating a man twenty years her senior. Could have just as well been her father.
My then boyfriend had given me the news one night we had snuck in the school, simply to sit on the rooftop and chug a few bears.
Wasn't my fault the lo
:iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 5 2
Crazy 16 by FoxyRainbow Crazy 16 :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 5 5
Read between the lines
Loki's inhibitions about his naturally blue skin appeared to have been gone, as he stood among the Kingpin's goons; Natasha hadn't gotten the chance to check if any of them were still alive.
His arms were wrapped around Tony, holding him softly as if he worried the man would break apart in his hands. The terrifying, vengeful creature he was just a few moments ago had just abruptly been turned into a shaking mess, as he was struggling to contain his powers and emotions.
Tony pressed his thumbs on Loki's temples softly and touched his forehead on the god's. "It's fine... I'm fine..." he whispered.
The bandages covering both of his arms completely should suggest otherwise, but that wasn't something Natasha planned to point out at the moment.
"Your arms... what did they do to you?!" his voice was breaking.
"Nothing you won't heal anyway as soon as we get home..." Tony responded in a calm voice.
He didn't flinch as Loki grabbed his wrists abruptly, examining the bloody bandages closely. Cer
:iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 3 1
Mature content
Healing Factor :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 2 1
Home is where the heart is by FoxyRainbow Home is where the heart is :iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 5 3


X-23 by CaioMarcus-ART X-23 :iconcaiomarcus-art:CaioMarcus-ART 90 5 Losing the mind by eReSaW Losing the mind :iconeresaw:eReSaW 56 9 remember me by augenweide remember me :iconaugenweide:augenweide 61 1 Lurking light by rejamrejam Lurking light :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 141 4 Ikkit by Cyliph Ikkit :iconcyliph:Cyliph 61 5 Snowfall by Velvet--Glove Snowfall :iconvelvet--glove:Velvet--Glove 40 8 Tattoo Lady by ArtofdanPhotography
Mature content
Tattoo Lady :iconartofdanphotography:ArtofdanPhotography 66 2
f10 by bonezz89 f10 :iconbonezz89:bonezz89 61 5 |F2U| Purple Sky With Trees Long Divider by RariDecor |F2U| Purple Sky With Trees Long Divider :iconraridecor:RariDecor 32 1 memories lie in starlit skies by AgentCorrina memories lie in starlit skies :iconagentcorrina:AgentCorrina 151 10 Hidden In Waiting by EstaArt Hidden In Waiting :iconestaart:EstaArt 63 5 Deer centaur by ArainMorn Deer centaur :iconarainmorn:ArainMorn 167 10 Miss Fortune by AnastasiaKomori Miss Fortune :iconanastasiakomori:AnastasiaKomori 97 5 Fox the Witch by quidames Fox the Witch :iconquidames:quidames 112 6 'Serenity' handmade wedding necklace by seralune 'Serenity' handmade wedding necklace :iconseralune:seralune 98 16 A perfect sunset 22 by Axel-Astro-Art A perfect sunset 22 :iconaxel-astro-art:Axel-Astro-Art 107 7

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~ but I've been meaning to change my journal for a while now.

Mood:'cause DeviantArt removed the best part of 'More Options' :confusedjontron:

Found this game on MidLuuna's profile back in the beginning of 2017.

Rules: bunneh icon17

Name: Theodora

Star Sign: Pisces Pisces

Average Hours of Sleep: Around 5-6 'cause I refuse to sleep early despite having to get up early for shit :faeriejittery:

Last thing googled: A Skyrim NPCs ID because he was refusing to be where I wanted him to be.

Favorite fictional character: Welp. Excluding my OCs, that is 'cause yeah I have a bunch and I love them:
{~} Harry Potter Harry Potter (it's shocking how often people don't care much for Harry himself, but I resonate with this guy), Hermione Granger, Sirius Black who is not dead shut your mouth EXO : Baekhyun Stare
{~} Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yugi/Atem, Seto Kaiba, Jounouchi Katsuya, Yugi Mutou. So basically I guess, the main characters.
{~} Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Yes, it's one of my main fandoms and Nines Rodriguez, with Smiling Jack being a close second.
{~} Skyrim Again, one of my main fandoms, with a bunch of NPCs to choose from, even while avoiding your own characters. Erandur makes the top of the list, thanks to my girlfriend now I can't ship my own character with anyone else. To be fair, she did make me awesome art of them, though. Then there's Brynjolf, Jenassa, Farkas, Yushari from the Interesting NPCs mod... and then, there's so many characters I haven't met just yet. Damn, I love this game.
Oh, also Meeko, the dog that keeps dying on me and forcing me to go back to an earlier save but damn I love him Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]
{~} Undertale Undyne, Chara (my own interpretation of them anyway, 'cause boy they are up for one). Named my cat after the latter.
{~} MCU Tony Stark, Thor. I ship them, too. Used to love Spiderman ever since I can remember, but that was thanks to the Tobey McGuire movies and those weren't really 'MCU'.
{~} Avatar the Last Airbender Katarra, Sokka, Zuko.
{~} Pretty Little Liars Damn this list got long. Hanna Marin, with Aria Montgomery being a close second. I'm so obsessed with this show as of late, I had to mention them. Seems I share a birthday with Toby Cavanaugh, too.
{~} Thought I shouldn't mention The Simpsons but hey, look at my avatar picture. Lisa, rather obviously and Homer are probably my top picks, but I do love the entire family. Finally there's [Scrubs], the single most awesome medical show, but I really can't choose among those characters, they're all just too damn awesome.
*Comic Book Guy voice* Worst. List. Ever.

Don't think I'm forgetting something but then, that list got way too long.

Current Attire: Black tight pants, black shirt.

When did you start this account: 5 years ago ~

Number of Watchers: 100

What do you post: Mostly fanfiction, sometimes photos and picture edits.

Do you get a lot of comments: Can't complain :meow:

Why did you choose this username: I started out as SlytherinTonks, because I felt a connection to the character and I am a Slytherin. Nowadays, I'm FoxyRainbow and it came from this quote, "The Rainbow Sheep of the Family", the LGBT version of the "Black Sheep of the Family" and the fact that I love foxes - it was initially going to be RainbowFox, that was taken, I'm not fond of adding a number to the username I wanted because it's not available otherwise and after a little wordplay, I came up with this. Sounds snazzy and I love it :meow: :balloon:

Tag: Well, nobody, but anyone can obviously feel free to do this. Toodles ~



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