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Zikia the Earth chu reference

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Pika|♀|Slovenian-Croatian|Panslavist l Christian| Lazybutt

Personal quote: "You can get far in life if you know the right moment to be quiet and the right moment to speak up."

Criticism - Stamp by JWiesner

Hello, person!
You may call me Pika.. or however you want, as long as you let me know of it before so I know when you're referring to me.
I think people should be honest when something bothers them.. They should be nice about it tho. And then they can work it out.
I am not very tactful, so I may say or do things that come out as rude or angry when I don't mean to be so. I'm a lazybutt and a huge procrastrinator, I am very opinionated, and sometimes I forget I'm supposed to be paying attention.
But if you manage to get under my skin you could find more in me, I guess. What exactly? You'll see for yourself, maybe..
I can talk about something serious and deep one moment and start making really weird jokes another moment, only to revert back to the serious and deep conversation two seconds later. I'm just like that.
My English grammar can vary from flawless essay to hi wut r u doin. Most of the time it's something in between. Also I like playing with words and purposelly misspelling them, for example I occassionally write 'what' as 'hWAT' or something like that whatever

I have moved to this account from LovePikaNizzy.

I dream of living in the forest, running freely with the wind, unlimited, being one with nature, living with my fellow Slavs united in Slava, harmony, and faith in God..! I dream of living in a place where nature helps man as the man helps nature, a place where people all care about each other, where people are never stressed out, where people don't do anything bad on purpose, where hate does not exist.. And I'll work towards that dream. Both real life and in here.

It's not just a dream - it's a call. I feel it every day, stronger and stronger. It tells me I just can't keep on living the way I live - that I'm not supposed to be living like this.
That I'm supposed to be living with nature, to be free, running with the wolves, with my ancestors, with the wind (and no I do NOT think wolves are my ancestors - just saying) - and you know it's a big thing when someone who usually hates running, dreams of running free in the literal meaning.

..I wonder if anyone even reads this?


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You're free to talk to me in any of those and I'll probably understand, though I am more likely to respond in a language in which I am fluent in (meaning 'intermediate' or 'expert' level) regardless of which one you use to talk to me! Also if you use correct grammar and spelling it would actually help me learn the language by observing...

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Pika out

Last breaths?

Last breaths?

Ok that's one dramatic title. I came on here now mostly because I was bored as shit Unfortunately I do not think I will be resuming activity anytime soon I see many people have changed their usernames. Or I just forgot who they were. Who knows. And the title is last breaths because I'm not sure if I'll be coming here again, ya know? I do sorta miss it. But I just don't do art anymore, you know? (also, at some point i saw that apparently, the site takes a right - yes - to use and redistribute any artwork uploaded on here. For fandom related art I don't care, but I ain't putting up any original pieces anymore. even tho to be honest just lo
wow im sorry for not ever being here anymore //flops on the ground (social interactions?? what is that??? how do u do them)



Hi does anyone here actually miss me and blergh I feel so disconnected with th is hope y'all are doing well

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IggyHazardHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hope you don't mind a fave raid!


Pozdrav, oprosti što ja sam poslao u tvoj stari DeviantArt račun. XD

Tvoj crtež ili art je super odlično. 1+ fav i 1+ watcher! :D
xXDreamy-RosetteXxHobbyist General Artist
С днем рожденья/ Happy birthday! :D
Pikafan2000Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday.
KariLiimatainenHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the :+fav:!
Slovenia at night…

Jesus, good luck o.O
FoxyPikaHobbyist General Artist
Wow that's scary

Found another video with this, it said they were passing through Sotla river.. far enough I guess; I'm not entirely sure where exactly that is (yes okay near Croatian border but)

Except the newer route goes much closer to where I live, but us regular people don't see much of them.. Buses, every once in a while, with a police car in the front and in the back of the line; and shelters/camps/whatever they are called. I don't know what the people who actually live right by the border would say, since the route does not go through my village.. Just through some of the places we also go through every week when we go to croatia..