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Journal Entry: Fri May 11, 2012, 12:40 PM

I'll feature some people of my ID and another ones aswell :dummy:
But first of all, I want to say that Tetsumon does commisions!! And are very cheap, and for a good cause *_* So look at them here!:…
GO :iconragefaceplz:

Anyway, now I'll feature some drawings :la: soooo~ look for yours! And if you know me and you want me to feature some in particular, just tell me!
Pride of Poland by Tetsumon -CE- Serious training by Tetsumon Cute Red Dragon - FOR SALE! by Cachomon My Eeveelutions + SHINY by Cachomon Eevee everywhere by Cachomon Kajiko's Poke Bedroom by Cachomon Poetry by Korial FoxSeventh Element
Water could be calm and stormy,
Never flows the way it seems,
Always caring and acts so friendly,
With great courage guards it's dreams.
Burning with great hope and desire,
Warming and beloved friend,
Always shy and blushing, that's fire,
It will be with you to the end.
Wings of freedom, wind wants to fly,
Person afraid of showing it's smile,
Tries reach the stars and touch the sky,
Walking on a path of endless mile.
Happy, by nature playful heart,
In peace grows very slowly,
Earth knows, it's very smart,
It never makes others feel lonely.
Like brightest sun light shines to you,
Leads those who are lost on right way,
Nicest friend that is always true,
In your heart forever will stay.
Trying to hide it's tears in shade,
Waiting for dawn of fading day,
Trapped in nightmares that darkness made,
Wishes all the pain pass away.
From depths of seas to endless skies,
Trough power of life and burning dreams,
Mirrors of light and trustful eyes,
To lurking shade a
ATLOK - Borra by Yotsuba-no-Clover Tumblr - Eva and Tsuyumon by Yotsuba-no-Clover Pkmn - Get out of our way!!! by Yotsuba-no-Clover + LoK + Mako + by KajikoKylance + LoK + Bolin + by KajikoKylance + PKMN + Kudari 02 + by KajikoKylance Ready to fight -Joshua- by Lina17Inverse Ready to fight -Neku- by Lina17Inverse Ready to fight -Shiki- by Lina17Inverse welcome to nightmare by Lina17Inverse new id by Nek0mon chibi by Nek0mon MINIFALDAS MENTALES
AEROPUERTO DE MAHÓN. Jueves tarde. Termómetros enloquecidos y humedad de más del 90% no pueden dar como resultado otra cosa que un calor bochornoso e insoportable. En la cola para fracturar, un hombre va llamando la atención: suda por todos los poros de su piel. Y, quedándose tan fresco, decide deleitar al resto de pasajeros con un topless integral. Fuera camisa. ¿Para qué complejos? La visión de su torso desnudo se me aparece, de nuevo, en el control de seguridad. Y en la cafetería. Y en el quiosco. Incluso en el embarque, porque resulta que nuestro amigo viaja en el mismo vuelo que yo. Y nadie le dice nada. Apenas unas tímidas palabras de una de las azafatas, que consigue que el tipo de ponga chaleco tipo explorador dutante unos minutos. Y ya está. Pero... ¿Y si la protagonista de esta historia hubiera sido una mujer? ¿Que hubiera sucedido de pasearse una mujer con los pechos al aire, durante horas, en un aeropue
Mogami inhabitants by sugusdelima Zoro and Sanji by sugusdelima

Mature Content

The three roses from Taneo by sugusdelima

Some of them don't need a feature here :iconmingplz: buuut... bah, I did it anyway ._.

See you! :music:

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Skin by Little-Vampire (modified by Foxymon)
Tetsumon Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww...Thank you so much for feature! It really means a lot for me~! :love:
Foxymon Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No problem! :hug: Good luck with your commisions! *^*
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