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Pokemon Tournament Round 2 by Foxymon Pokemon Tournament Round 2 by Foxymon
My entry for *Cachomon's tournament on round 2! My pokémon is the Tyranitar, named Cometa 8D My rivals are *pikachim with Ambipom and *Minnymart3 with Camerupt.
Hope you like it!

I dedicate this drawing to ~Simba125 :) Thanks for supporting me!

1r Turno --> Los tres pokémon salen a combatir. Se forma una tormenta de arena gracias a la habilidad de Tyranitar. Gracias a garra rápida, Tyranitar ataca primero usando terremoto. ˇEs muy eficaz contra Camerupt! Luego, gracias a garra rápida, Camerupt usa terremoto. ˇEs muy eficaz contra Tyranitar! Ambipom cae debilitado antes de poder atacar dado a los dos terremotos.
2n Turno --> Tyranitar usa roca afilada contra Camerupt y este cae debilitado. ˇAda es la ganadora!

1st Turn -> The three Pokemon come to fight. A sand storm is formed thanks to Tyranitar's hability. Thanks to quick claw, Tyranitar moves first and used Earthquake. Is very effective against Camerupt! Then, thanks to quick claw, Camerupt used earthquake.Is very effective against Tyranitar! Ambipom faints without being able to move because of the two earthquakes.
2n Shift -> Tyranitar used sharp rock against Camerupt and he faints. Ada is the winner!
Tetsumon Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
you win so quick! 8O heh, ambipom has no chance against Cometa xD
go and beat 'em! :shakefist:
and thank you for dedicate :blush:
i'll submit my drawing "after the battle" as soon as i'll get chance. i've just returned from my vacation, and going for another one week in today evening ^^'
Foxymon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Yes! And you're welcome!!
And don't worry, take your time ^w^ I have to do mine too, but I also have vacations now xD
Well, I hope that you enjoy your vacations!
Tetsumon Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ended lineart, but scaner is dead...again T__T i am so sorry, i think i'll send my part at the end of vacation ToT
thank you :) and i wish you very great vacation, too! :)
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June 29, 2011
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