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Blue Bird by Foxymon Blue Bird by Foxymon
Someone makes a noise beyond the small television
The news was discharged in a hushed tone
I'm not a rose blooming in the water
What's so happy about? Please tell me.

When I want to trust the future, my throat becomes crushed
Have you forgotten how to see morning...?

People who are lying lie to us
Without overlooking the eyes..
When I close my eyes, the tears flow out
And sleep like a blue bird in a basket.

The smoke that rose into the distant sky
Makes a sacrifice to borrow the name of God in salvation
People are crying because they have been betrayed
And without knowing, the poor people survive.

The goodness or wish for a face without even wanting...
If I died, would you have a good laugh?
Well, would you?

The utopia that people want
They force it by praying with dirty voices
This sad shadow will fall over an outstretched hand
Like the blue bird's color that melts away the sky.

Will today and tomorrow become better than yesterday?
When I try to think it, it doesn't change...
It doesn't change, does it?

Innocently, I asked for that dream that I believed in to come true.
That "dream of the people" without knowing the transience of
Imperceptibly sad and broken wings that flutter...
The blue bird will fly away before our eyes.

We are like the abandoned puzzle fragments of thoughts
Still, never forget the tiredness and the exhaust from wandering.
I hope that I, like that blue bird that doesn't lose
Can just see the sky like that blue bird.

Okay, I just did a mix of two songs~ but the image I took to make this practice is from a song about... :iconpoker-faceplz: you don't want to know :iconmingplz:
This is just a practice as you can see, so don't bite me because it's sketchy or whatever D:
Hope you like it!

Rin Kagamine belongs to Vocaloid
Art belongs to me *Foxymon
SoraLove7 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
ADORABLE I love Rin >W<
Foxymon Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!:heart:
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November 26, 2012
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