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[Gift] Amalia Maid

Another gift for :iconkitsuneyin: this time, for another friends adopted OC :iconrenji--kun: ^^ I hope they like this. I think she turned out cute. 

Lately I have been drawing a lot of maids. It's a meido take over the world!
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Dranigon: must... hire *holds out 300 dollars*

me: dranigon, have you seen my wallet?

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She deserves all the love.
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Ah very cute dear! The almost jagged edge of the apron looks so soft with the calm color scheme you chose. What a cute little flower by her ear!
Brb need some med help TvT
trekatu's avatar
you are so precious. i must not let the impure thoughts get to you!
XDemonic-AngelX's avatar
-hugs her tightly- so cute
S3rb4n's avatar
Your art is always so pretty!
GoRoderickGo93's avatar
Your in on the maids ehy?
Windseeker04's avatar
Gorgeous work, Kuro! ^^  Cat girl maid?  Yes please.
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Thank you! Hehe yes, it is the ultimate evolution of moe!!!
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Catgirls: my greatest weakness~<3
Edits-and-Pm-Creator's avatar
Really amazingly cute , you are an really pro artist and I love your art style so much ^^
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You flatter me too much ^^ Thank you for this sweet compliment
Edits-and-Pm-Creator's avatar
I flatter you too much because you deserve it and you are a nice person ^^
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You have such a splendid way with drawing characters in maid outfits.  Yin looks just so adorable.  Especially like how you have done the other three so far.
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Thank you! Maybe it's my specialty to draw maid girls ^^ Glad you like them! Maybe I will continue my series of maids when I introduce more of my female characters hehe :3
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
It could very well be one of your specialties.  That and how you draw/color in hair so well :).  In the future when you are taking commissions again, my Daliath and Chrona will have to be drawn in your maid style lol.
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Excellent work! :)
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Cat girl maids are best girl maids.
foxykuro's avatar
Allie should be a maid ^^
Austichar's avatar
She might not be too happy being stuffed in a frilly dress. xD
foxykuro's avatar
Aww xD Is she more of a tomboy? It's a shame, I think she'd look cute
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