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:party: Happy Birthday dA! I can’t believe that dA is now 14! 

I signed up for my first deviantART account on October 16, 2005, after spending a couple of weeks of lurking and admiring all the beautiful art on the site. I can’t remember how I ever found this site nearly a decade ago, but at the time I was really into fan art and I think that I must have followed a link from someone’s website over to here. 

When I first joined, I was in college and I had just switched my major over to art and I wanted a place where I could post some of my creations and get some feedback. Over the past 9 years, I’ve learned a lot from this site and the dA community. The tutorials that people submit to this site are absolutely invaluable – everything from drawing, to digital painting, to html, and editing journal skins.

More recently I’ve been fascinated with animated .gifs but I never knew how they were made or how exactly to make them, or even what program to use, until I ran into a few tutorials on here and eventually learned how to create them in Photoshop.

First Try

Second Try

Using Photos

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