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Goodbye Dumpster Fire lol


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Goodbye Dumpster Fire lol


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Bended Expectations

Ink Folder

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Predator AU Undertale


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LimitBreak- Crim


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Bendy PSA

Bended Expectations

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PapyrusAU- pg23

Disbelief Papyrus Comic

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Hide and Seek- Page 25

Hide and Seek- A GamKar Fan Comic

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G!Sans- Encourage the Human

Fanses Undertale Fans Sans

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Homestuck Fanfiction

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ES-Issue 34

Edjamacated Stupidity

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iAV AU Comic- Page 9

iAV AU Comic- Betrayal of Fire and Ice

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Dealing With Tags

Dealing With

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Nightmare World- Chapter 2- Suspicion on the Rise

Chapter 2- Suspicion on the Rise Stomping through the hallway, ignoring the ghosts going in and out of the walls with their files in a full on rage, Alphina couldn’t help but grumble out loud. After all, her boss, who normally brushed off her challenges, was now doing the exact opposite, not to mention getting more than serious with her in the office minutes ago before vanishing before she could even get a word out. “He pisses me off…he pisses me off…he pisses me off…!” Stopping mid step, she slammed her foot down hard, raising her head and screaming out loudly in her frustration. “HE PISSES M

Nightmare World

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Inktober '18- Prickly

Inktober '18

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Anime Fun: Naruto Characters


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