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I can hear you from heaven...



Standing in front of her grave, the sky now dark and filled with nothing but the light of the stars, the spikey haired man fell to his knees after staring at her grave for hours in disbelief. A sudden release of tears that had welled up in his eyes for so long finally let lose, pouring down his hot cheeks as he started sobbing. Looking up at the sky, the boy screamed at the top of his lungs, rejecting reality itself, the reality that didn't have her in his life. Through his sobs, he cursed himself, blaming himself over and over again, disgusted at his own weakness and inability to save the one he held so dear.

"Damn it... DAMN IT! You didn't have to die! It should have been me! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! DAMN IT!"

His fist pounded the ground, his figure slumped over and his hands grasped handfuls of the soil that had been dug up earlier in order to lower the casket into the ground. Weeping and sobbing like a child, he felt no will to leave her side again.

As he sobbed, a girl looked down from her place above, tears trickling down her cheeks at the sight of her loved one weeping on the ground before her tombstone. Descending from her place on high, the girl gently embraced him as he sat up to look towards the starry sky once more. He could no longer sense her, let alone feel her warmth, after all he had already died once to become the monster that he was now. She stroked his cheek with her ghostly white hand, holding him gently as she smiled.

"I can hear you..."


Merry Christmas, Tsuki-chan~

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dawww you sweet motherfuckin beautiful lady from above
as ive mentioned on facebook, you may have one this battle