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Royal Power Trip

By Foxy-Noxy
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I finished all of my current commissions and had nothing to do, so I tried to flesh out that style I used in my previous comic a bit more. I like it.

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Maybe Cadance or Shining will make it into one these Royal Shenanigans comics eventually.


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Radicalbanana3's avatar
Now, if this just was in an episode, things would get better.
Firedrace's avatar
What about Cadence?
Surely the Crystal Empire is squat compared to all of Equestria?
CanteenFodder's avatar
She wasn't promoted because she's technically the Empress of her own land.
Sturmlion1's avatar
But Twilight looks so good as the new Princess of the Night!
Angel981's avatar

Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna  But of course!!!


I just love your art style and comedic style with these. XD
CloudRunner5K's avatar
well wouldnt you?
Princessfluttrshy184's avatar
Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna :It was Twilight's idea!
snowwolf12132's avatar
well what do you expect celestia.
jmartkdr's avatar
Luna's face is priceless
DarkJesterFox's avatar
Funniest takeover ever. Of all time.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
My favorite thing about this comment is Twilight's face...
Freefox's avatar
Dat amazing style
Skunkplush's avatar
"It's more sort of, er, a managerial reorganisation"
vBeta's avatar
Stickynote sun cutie mark. Lol.
Clumsy-Rose's avatar
I LAWLED IRL over this thanks. btw love your art style.
Toksyuryel's avatar
Great now Luna is Starscream.
IlukaAppledash's avatar
I tried following that C:/ link
it didnt work
anyway nice comic :D
SFaccountant's avatar

The old "picture taped over the cutie mark" sight gag gets me every time.

I swear, the butt tattoos are funny on their own, but the drawings absolutely kill me.

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