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Rocky Autumn Hill

By Foxy-Noxy
I apologize for resubmitting this. I was having problems with the original upload thumbnail and the only thing I could think of doing at this point was deleting it and re-uploading it. Sorry guys! Hope you forgive me. EDIT: Looks like re-uploading it worked.

Anyway, this is from the scene in Fall Weather Friends where Rainbow Dash flips the sign around so Applejack will run in the wrong direction. I saw it and loved the look and just had to recreate it!

Feel free to use for anything you wish, just please credit and link back here. Thanks! ^-^

MLP is (C) Hasbro & Lauren Faust.

SVG: [link]
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Used, thank you for the lovely background :)…
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Hey, I love the picture. I used it here:…
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I used this for something not MLP. I hope you don't mind, and still like it.
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[link] Usado en esta animacion, gracias por tu gran trabajo =)
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Looks great! ^-^
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Thanks for the heads up.
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Thanks for letting me know! Good work. ^-^
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Used in my picture [link] (please do let me know if there's any problem)

Thanks for the awesome work!
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