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Hilly Path

This is what I accomplished at work today. ~2-3 hours time. It's not a trace, it's just a scene from my brain in the style of MLP.

Feel free to use, please credit and link back.
Thanks. ^-^

Any comments or criticisms welcomed.

SVG: [link]
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Used and Credited: This is awesome! by Limayth

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Unnamed Mare (if it doesn't show up, sorry. I don't know how to fix it, but it's a problem with DA, not my file)
I wanted to use the background in an intro so I'll add the link when i finish :D
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Used and credited:… Really adorable background! :D
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I used this as a background for this drawing

and I just wanted to say thanks for the background and hope you don't mind me using it
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I'll use this for a picture I'm making :)
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Used for school presentation and credited. Thanks!
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That's cool! May I ask how this was used in a project for school? Didn't see this being used that way, but cool nonetheless.
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It is a pony-related presentation that ties into weather monitoring.

Winter wrap up --> weather and its impacts on environment and agriculture --> satellite-based imagery.

I needed something sort of spring/summer-like that looked like it was from the show. This seemed to fit nicely :)
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Very cool. Well I'm glad it could be of assistance. :)
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This is great, you don't mind that I used it in something do you? I gave credit
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Absolutely. ^-^
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Gonna use this for a video/college project :dummy:
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can I use this one for convention identificator bg?
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Sure! Maybe take a picture of it sometime so I can see it? ^-^
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of course ^_^

thank you so much <3
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Would like to use your SVG if you could fix link.
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Wow, that looks great! I didn't realize my link was broken. Here you go! ^-^

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