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Anyone want any chocolate?

Thought of this while watching Double Rainboom. Silly Luna. Wanting Nighttime forever and stuff.

OH! Go watch Double Rainboom! It's incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY amazing. [link]
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XXMreegakshiXXHobbyist Artist
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void-afHobbyist Traditional Artist
why seven? :3
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Tiger610Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:33< rainbow dash: :iconcheetahnotthatplz:
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SoulveiWinterfallProfessional General Artist
I'll take Night Forever. Sounds like a lot of no glare on my TV. 
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Awesomer-PersonHobbyist Traditional Artist
would 7 make it 7x darker?
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cupecakesStudent Artist
why is rainbow dash their?
(a lol question )
Never Fear Your Friendly hero is here!:nuu: :frightened:
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nati11184Hobbyist General Artist
Because she was in that scene.
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DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
Twilight, you and your big fat month...
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Defect23Hobbyist General Artist
SpongeBob is what I got from this XD
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mlpfim456Student Digital Artist
then princess luna stole twenty of them
ingtobopbop's avatar
That would be awesome
RECoyote's avatar
Princess Luna Popped in quick didn't she?
DemonPanther's avatar
Lol, seven.
All she needs is one xD
Leviathantamer's avatar
and just HOW many would be destroyed by somepony wanting to make sure eternal night doesn't happen?
luckykitten29's avatar
luckykitten29Hobbyist Digital Artist
well if it's right i don't want Princess Celestia to drink it O.O
Jordynbry1's avatar
Jordynbry1Student Artist
Then day would last forever.
luckykitten29's avatar
luckykitten29Hobbyist Digital Artist
fimlover's avatar
I'll prefer Luna too
Jordynbry1's avatar
Jordynbry1Student Artist
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RockinT765Hobbyist General Artist
If the day lasted forever then all the water in the world would dry up, the sun would be out more often and that would probably lead to more of the population getting skin cancer and looking at the sky would damage your eyes so more ponies would be blinded and nopony would be able to sleep well so a lot more ponies would have insomnia. The night lasting forever is just as bad. The crops would get no light so ponies would starve and die, it would be too dark to see and more ponies would get into accidents due to the lack of light, it would be a lot colder maybe to the point death, also, mosquitoes come out during the night so ponies would lose more blood and maybe get diseases from such bugs. Both are terrible, terrible things that would lead to death. Solar Flare and Nightmare Moon are both extremely evil for wanting that.
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ploki52Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I absolutely love Rainbow Dash's expression!
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wheres the like button?
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ThaStrangrHobbyist General Artist
DR was nice, but I didn't really care much for the *ahem* second half (avoiding spoilers). It just seemed out of place to me. Still, a nice video, and twenty times better than anything I could come up with.
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and if a BROENIE drank it ?
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