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log 115: Commission Cycle

Journal Entry: Thu May 7, 2015, 8:50 PM
Ladies and gentlemen if you watch me you will have noticed my friendship and partnership with a crazy genius Frenchman called Traumwelt, here he is :iconnemoalleintraumwelt: Now in order to commission him for his fantastic work more often he has agreed to let me start up something called a Commission Cycle. Basically it goes like this

Step 1: I ask Traumwelt to make a commission

Step 2: Traumwelt makes that commission

Step 3: I submit it to DA crediting him and enable prints

Step 4: once I've made enough money this way I ask him to make another commission, and rinse and repeat.

So essentially, the more prints you punters buy from me the more art I can get from traumwelt and trust me we've got some great stuff in store including Scapegoat Comic's first webcomic! Also OHT is progressing, more info will be disclosed soon.

For now here are some of the prints up for grab, more to come when the cycle starts:

Fox Arc 0- Unexpected attention by Foxy-Knight 

Fox Arc 0 Cover by Foxy-Knight

FWOG-The Mercenary King by Foxy-Knight

Psychic by Foxy-Knight

Also here in Thumb format as we ran out of huge space XP

OHT-PROMO-Old Harry 'The Good' by Foxy-Knight  OHT-PROMO-Gabriel 'The Law' by Foxy-Knight  Old Harry Commission-BUT I AM A GOOD PERSON! by Foxy-Knight  Harry Timeline-Dark Judge Trilogy by Foxy-Knight  Angels from Hell Commission-CONCEPT by Foxy-Knight

So yeah, start the Cycle, this could lead to comics, covers and even special prizes

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May 7, 2015


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