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Sam and Lizzie Timeline by Foxy-Knight Sam and Lizzie Timeline by Foxy-Knight
It only takes a meet
Sitting alone waiting for her daddeh had grown tiresome and boring, probably not as much as school would prove to be. Little Lizzie looked around the office, Jack had only just moved in so his office space looked pretty basic, even his name stand was fresh. There weren't any band posters or pictures of them in a frame, mind you they hadn't any framed pictures period (would have to fix that). As her mind wandered in search of entertainment she happened across an ordinary stapler and picked it up, and in her extraordinary mind she saw something else
"Aha, snap-jaw! we meit again, ye thooght ye coods sneak in mah base undetected but Ah hear everythin'!"
As she began the battle to defend the helpless office supplies from the tyrannical cruelty of snap-jaw she didn't hear the door open and a young boy of her age with short blonde hair and pretty blue eyes walked in.
"Oh sorry" he apolgized automatically, "My brother sent me to find Mr Dahl?"
Lizzie looked away from her arch-nemesis and at the real person whom had entered the room, whom looked back. Neither said a word and for that unusually long moment the little blonde boy and the little Scottish girl just gazed at each other, as if this were something very important. Eventually the blonde boy broke the silence with a flushed stammer as he pointed to the stapler
"What are you doing with the stapler?"
Lizzie looked at the stapler then rolled her eyes
"Thes isnae a stapler, they're mah arch nemies snapjaw whose ravenoos desires tae bin' pepper together in a disorganised fashion is a threat tae aw office life."
The young blonde blinked then quickly went to the desk she was sitting on and started rummaging through the drawers
"Well you are not alone, you have an ally in this fight" he grinned and pulled out a stapler remover, "Sharky the Stapler remover!"
Lizzie was practically glowing with her beaming smile which quickly morphed into a playful scowl as she made Snap-jaw face the brave Sharky
"Sharky you fool!" Snapjaw growled in a pronounced British accent, "You know you are no match for me!"
"Anything you staple I can free!" Sharky declared in his charming bronx accent

It only takes a fall in love
Sam was now a man, and as a man he was expected to make his own choices and live with the consequences and in this case his choice to indulge in the Hora proved a little too much for the young man. Jack had now told him he would no longer be calling him kid or lad, Bar Mitzvah's dictate he address him in manly pronouns from now on (knowing uncle Fox he may be taking the piss).
"Hey thaur beeg man" Lizzie walked up behind him
He would have been surprised where it not for her heels, Candice's doing no doubt although the dress may have been down to Mags. Either way she looked positively glowing, and not just because it was all orange.
"Hey Lizzie, you enjoying the party?"
"Aye, Joey's try'n tae get daddeh hammered so he ken do piano requests, ken be fun if you fancy a dance with a bloody pumpkin'"
"you don't look like a pumpkin, you look very pretty"
"Thanks Sam", she smiled
Lizzie was the same age as him now, she was taller, tougher yet she still had the same messy red hair and her accent still remained but had become more balanced and more understandable either that or he'd just learned Scottish (an admirable skill to have) and was still pretty. Sam flushed a little and tried to say something to break the silence, but Lizzie kept it in tact when she leant in and kissed him on the lips. She smiled and then gently pulled back but only a little
"Since ye ah a man now, ye old enough fer ya first kiss right?"
"...I missed you when I was away Sam", her voice shook, sounding almost scared and completely understandable so Sam gently put his hands on her shoulders
"I missed you too Lizzie, wasn't the same without you"
Her voice reclaimed her calm, as she smiled wistfully and gave Sam another kiss which this time he returned. They were both happy she was back.

It only takes a grow
Adolescence had brought upon new changes, for Sam it was a mixture of that and some of Slade Wilson's trademark meta juice: warning side effects may include megalomania and homicidal rage and also an increase in body mass and hormones. The increase in body mass was a double edge sword, his limits were being broken faster than they could be set which is why the majority of his training was being mastered by the beast king, which is why he was doing reps with weights made of hyperdense alloy. The horomones were a double-edged sword with barbs, because between every rep he was sneaking glances at his girlfriend working on the third sandbag. Lizzie had begun training shortly after his bar mitzvah, four years had done wonders for her agility and strength not to mention her body...and he wasn't going to mention that because she could melt him with few words and he was holding very heavy weights. Lizzie had been punching this bag whilst always moving, practising her hard and fast and landing blows on where thr bag was marked with tiny black crosses, although now she had started to slow down. Was she getting tired, didn't look like it she had hardly a sweat on her, her top wasn't clinging to her body nor did her tights have any sticky spots and-OH CRAP SHE KNEW HE WAS LOOKING!
"Like my form Sam?" she winked with merciless flirtation
And then the temptress went even slower so he could see with better clarity, Sam had never been concious of the weight above his head. He shifted awkardly to the left in the name of safety, not to mention modesty

It only takes a stay
"Work up a sweat chirpy?"
Chose a name like Redbird and Kamali will fashion a cuter nickname in seconds, it took her less than one with him and that was because she got it from one of her father's gadgets (the flying pellet). She also fashioned her own name after her father's sword, he idly wondered if that was telling of something.
"Hey Foxy lady" not his best but he was a bit tired, "Black Mask's goons were quite the warm-up"
"Yeah who'd have thunk I'd get a Black Mask of my own to take on" Kamali smiled maliciously
"I'm amazed someone thought his mantle was worth taking up" Redbird chuckled, "The scary thing is it's someone who knows what they're doing"
"So did Sionis, look what happened to him"
There was edge in her voice, even after all this time the Black Mask name burned rage in her heart and yet in one moment that faded when she looked towards Redbird
"You okay Chirpy?"
"Yeah, just wondering how I'm gonna balance school and this on top of everything else"
"We'll you're not alone, I got your back"
"My big, broad, probably could win a bodybuilding contest easily back?"
"Keep that up and I'mma see it your ass can easily deflect my foot" Kamali grinned
"Hey, you've already bounced quarters off it" he chuckled
"Stop being cute and get up here!" she barked sounding more Scottish
Redbird readily lept up to obey, despite being taller than her (even in those heels) he found it impossible to look down on her. Kamail placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled him into a smooch
"Don't worry too much, I got ya"
All he could do was grin, and smooch her back of course.

Lizzie Dahl/Kamali belongs to me
Sam Kane/Redbird belongs to :icondkalban:
Art done by the amazing Seto2 check out their commission prices here…… see here for tumblr edition

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zpben10 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
D'aaahhhh!! It gives a nice punch to the feels
Foxy-Knight Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Student Writer
yeah, his little girl grew up and snapjaw never bothered the office again
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