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FWOG-Tiresias the Psychic Manipulator by Foxy-Knight FWOG-Tiresias the Psychic Manipulator by Foxy-Knight
At first glance a simple blind man, harmless and not worth any trouble to anyone. Except he's not a simple blind man, in fact he sees more than most men with vision. A homo-psychoid with extrasensory perception and powers. Originally just a gun smuggler, operating under the radar of everyone even batman. But when Black Mask was sent to Arkham Asylum and his criminal empire in taters without him the blind psychic saw an opportunity. He used his stockpiled resources and bent people to his will via mental persuasion to build up his forces. He uses his powers to gain knowledge to enforce his power however he can't quite pin down Fox in the same manner and sees him as an obstacle to overcome which brings them into direct clash, however keeping Tiresias pinned down is tricky too.

-Homo Psychoid, naturally psychokinetic gives him a wide variety of psychic abilities such as able to discharge electricity from his hands in the form of lightning bursts. He can summon fire and cast them at enemies like projectiles. He Psychic abilities make up for his frail demeanour
-Mind Reading, he can look into people's minds and learn their inner most secrets and memories
-Heightened senses, owing to having no normal vision his other senses are on par with perhaps Superman
-Super Tactician, he actually could take over Gotham as he has the mind for it and also has the fire-power to back it up making him a master manipulator and criminal genius

[Side Notes]
Whilst not an active mobster Tiresias is a criminal mastermind to be reckoned with, his abilities make him a keen manipulator and his lack of sympathy and inherent anger at those who dismiss him make him a force to be reckoned with
Awesome job again! I really like the name ;)

Cool to see you bring back your Homo Psychoid idea back, always a fun idea to work with! Plus it also shows that Tiresias is no ordinary blind man, you do NOT want to underestimate him. He may be blind, but he can LITERALLY kill you with a thought, and maybe the equivalent for Force Lightning.

He does seem that he would be a worth while threat to the various heroes AND villains in Gotham as he knows what they are thinking before they do. And he'll use that knowledge to attempt to KILL them.
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amethystangel228 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
Tiresias scares me more than Wolf does. I can handle physical power/invulnerability. I can handle psychological manipulation. Psychic manipulation is terrifying, because so few have the skills or even ability to resist it.
Foxy-Knight Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Student Writer
Oh yeah, psychic enemies will come for Fox like a ton of psycho-manipulated bricks. Luckily Fox has forged something of a reputation as a Psychoid-Buster
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