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FWOG-Predator the Vengeful Warrior by Foxy-Knight FWOG-Predator the Vengeful Warrior by Foxy-Knight
A victim of the beasts, the elite Mercenary force. When Fox was leading them in a skirmish against a rogue dictator the fight took to a village on a island known as Datenshi Pass. There was a massacre, owed to the beasts keen desire for a fight despite Fox's orders, only one villager survived the onslaught and he watched the beasts just leave, without any action taken against them. He holds Fox responsible, the beast king and now years later he has refined himself, using the same methods of augmentation and training that turned Fox into a super-warrior. Now adopting the name predator he has come to gotham to rid it of the beast king, and his is so single mindedly fixated on his revenge nothing can ever sate it save for Fox's demise at his own hand.

-Augmented, Predator is a human Cyborg hybrid making him a walking killing machine. With Nano-charge (liquid nano-machines) pumping in his veins instead of blood makes him an almost unstoppable force
-Martial Master, trained in the same way the beasts where it's safe to say he knows every manner of fighting on the planet and can spar with even the strongest of heroes
-Super-human Strength, Stamina, Speed. Whilst not as fast as the flash (of course) his reflexes and warrior skills have been heightened through genetic engineering and augmentation making him nigh on the perfect killing machine
-Bio Weapons, with a blade, guns and plasma technology grafted into his cyborg limbs he's a one man power house

[Side Notes]
Predator is a tragic villain, he is a victim or at least he is initially. However he is been so blinded by single-minded revenge he has become the very thing he seeks to destroy and he won't accept Fox's heroic nature and exploits as examples of a good man. To him Fox is a monster, and he must be destroyed. 
Revenge is always a powerful motivator, but it can also twist you into something far worse than your target is. Predator seems to be one of those villains. He has literally given up his humanity to kill those who killed his friends and family. While we might sympathize with him, we know there are less DEADLY ways to get your revenge. Fox is officially much more of a human than Predator is, and it will be interesting to see the clash between the two. It will show who is truly the beast and who is actually human. Awesome job! :D
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amethystangel228 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
A bit more curious about the event that created him and Fox's feelings/reactions to and memories of the massacre.
It is always sad to see someone become either the same thing they fight against or even worse than that, all due to revenge.
Close-mindedness is also a very deep flaw, though it is typically very difficult to see past that scope of revenge to realize that the person you hate so much is human too and maybe - just maybe - they've changed.
Foxy-Knight Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Student Writer
Fox has yet to take a life to lend more scope to things, and Predator is an enemy he feels shame for. The trouble is Predator is fixated on his justifiable retribution because if Fox isn't the bad guy then what is the point of Predator, I think with that in mind his violent psychosis can be almost understood and all the more feared.
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February 18, 2014
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