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FWOG-Lizzie Timeline (whole) by Foxy-Knight FWOG-Lizzie Timeline (whole) by Foxy-Knight
My name was Elizabeth Smith...
I was born in Aberdeen Scotland to Karen and Frank Smith, my mother and father seldom had much time for me. They weren't bad people, they didn't hit me or yell at me. They just weren't really there, and now thanks to a man called Roman Sionis they aren't here anymore. The weird thing is, I'm not sad. I now know my father was involved in some dirty dealings but he didn't deserve to die, nor did my mother who helped cover his tracks but I'm not crying over them. And I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I am happy. 

I met someone on the plane over to gotham, he talked to me, got to know me, made me laugh and made me feel happy and when Black Mask tried to shoot me he carried me to the hospital in his arms and when I asked him not to go, he kept me safe. Now I'm in his arms again, he's telling me Black Mask is in Arkham and that he's got a job working for Batman. That's not what's making me happy, I am happy because he's told me I can stay with him, that he's going to keep looking after me. I am crying because I am happy, I am happy because I have my daddeh.

My name is Lizzie Dahl...
And I am sick of being weak. See I used to want to be a vet, help all those poor animals and I guess I still do but I also wanna join the family business. Daddeh thought it was down to him being a poor example but that's bollocks. He lead the best example, he looked after me and the family and that's what I wanna do and to do that I gotta be strong. I saught out Auntie Kate and Mammeh-Mags and when Daddeh found out I thought he'd be cross, but I think he was actually a little proud. Well if he couldn't stop me he'd make sure I knew everything. So that's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna get as strong as my daddeh, as smart as my daddeh and I'm gonna look after the family just like my daddeh.

My name is Kamali...
My training is over, I have shed blood sweat and tears but I don't regret a single second. I can barely remember my days in Aberdeen, I can't remember the voice of Frank Smith or the face of Karen Smith and I'm not sad. I'm so freaking happy, because now it's my turn. Daddeh has been looking after me for almost half my life and now I am strong enough to return the favour. Sure I can still be a vet but right now I am the freaking Beast Princess and you better show some respect because my sword may glow pink but it will cut you down faster than you could laugh! I am happy because I have my mammeh and my daddeh and that they can see just how strong I am, I hope their proud of me and I hope I can always make them proud. My name is Lizzie Dahl, and I am Kamali.

Jack Dahl/Fox and Lizzie Dahl/Kamali belong to me
Joseph Kane/Ronin and Sam Kane/Redbird belong to :icondkalban:
Margeret Rivera/Orb Weaver belongs to :iconsquirrelkitty76:
Kate Kane/Batwoman belongs to DC
And the art was done by the amazing :icontraumwelt75: and please fave and comment on his copy here  Whole Time Line by traumwelt75

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September 5, 2017
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