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Duality of masculinity and femininity by Foxy-Knight Duality of masculinity and femininity by Foxy-Knight
Russell Crowler, vampire, soldier, entrepreneur...cross dresser? Yes ladies and gentlemen this is Russell Crowler playing both parts in this 60s portrait. 
During the 1960s Russell really blossomed, breaking his oath to never march again after world war II and marched in the Pride parades and his sexuality truly came into the light and he had an entire clique, an LGBT posse.
-Margeret 'Marge' Cree and Estelle 'Teli' Cree (still alive and married albiet blind with their dog Jasper)
-Oswald 'Ozzie' Adams and Thomas Adams (married and own a cafe in London)
-Brent 'Rex' King (Russell's boyfriend between 62-65, still alive and an actor in New York theatre)
-Bianca Lucille (Russell's fiance from 67-72, sadly no longer with us)

And it was Ozzie whom was the aspiring artist whom at the time looked at the duality and duplicity of human nature during this time of awakening. One of his pieces was the duality of masculinity and femininity where he wanted to contrast a model as masculine figure and a feminine figure. And Russell was all up for that, he even came up with a name for his alter ego: Stephanie Marsh. 

So here we see Russell Crowler and Stephanie Marsh in the duality of masculinity and femininity, done by the amazing :iconwonderryuta: in 2017 that I have just gotten round to submitting now, so take a look.

Art done by :iconwonderryuta: check out their amazing work
Russell Crowler and Stephanie Marsh belong to me

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