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DC Comic Project: Character Profile-Vlad by Foxy-Knight DC Comic Project: Character Profile-Vlad by Foxy-Knight
Above from left to right: Vlad uniform #1 and Vlad uniform #2:combat
Vladimir Drake Ragun
Age: 450 (Psychical age 21)
Cosmaine (Pure)

Psychokinetic level
Spatial based Psychokinesis

Syler Ragun (father-deceased)
Cassandra Ragun (sister-deceased)
Melanie Walker (adoptive sister)
Psychic (Adoptive father, in his eyes)

Plasma pistol(s)

Vlad is one of the last Cosmaine in existence, his father being a refugee from the Purge. Unlike the Lupos the cosmaines resided on one of the planets in Tempest Row which had a much thicker atmosphere and thus the only light they got was refeclted from their moons. As a result they were adept into being creatures of the night, adept to seeing things clearly in the darkest of environments.

Whilst they didn't have an aversion to sunlight it wasn't natural light to them as the natural light they got was reflected and thus pure UV light wasn't normal. Their blood is heavily laced with spatial radition as opposed to temporal radiation enabling with with similiar abilities as their temporal counter parts.

Vlad however only has one heart as opposed to  two but unlike the Lupos his skin and ateries is much more durable to make up for not having as fast a healing factor. So this makes Vlad biological an armoured force to be reckoned with, but of course any critical injuries can be healed through empathetic healing via Psychic or Mel.

-Cosmaine Eyes
The cosmaines heralded from the same planetery  system as the Lupos , Tempest Row howeverthe cosmaine came from one of the planets with a heavier atmosphere thus their eyes are naturally  adept to darkness.

Cosmaine-Vampire degeneration
Vlad is NOT a vampire, whilst this is a common mistake it's one he takes great insult from.  However the Cosmaine and Vampires are closer than Vlad likes, the vampires are a sub-species degeneration from the Cosmaines. No one is sure when the degenreration actually occurred but as soon as they started drinking blood  their DNA was corrupted and they started degenerating.

Losing their spatial radiation along the years of devolution they however maintained their heightened senses, endurance and strength but their psychokinesis had long since been laid dormant. Whilst humans have often labeled such vampiric traits as supernatural the truth is much more simple, as the Cosmaines could only draw light that had been reflected Vampires now cannot draw in any light whatsoever so cannot cast a reflection because of this.

Whilst they can operate in the daylight concentrated bursts of UV light is deadly to the point of being fatal but unlike most human legends say...Vampires are not affected by  Crosses and don't need to be invited into rooms first, and some have been known to eat garlic as a starter.

Millions of years ago the Temporals sought a rise to power and to do so they planned on killing both the Lupos and the Cosmaines, this even was later known as the purge and virtually all the Lupos and Cosmaine were killed and the Temporals took over Tempest Row.

One of the survivors was a Cosmaine called Syler Ragun who floated adrift through time and space with his baby daughter Cassandra and finally landed and settled into 17th century  Earth. However the Vampires wanted to use him in their plans for conquest, he refused.

On Earth Syler became friends with a man called Psychic and also had a son called Vladimir, who was later taken in by Psychic when the Vampires had Syler and Cassandra killed in a blaze.

Vlad is no longer a child, now a man. Having lost his wife and unborn child to a monster who sought death of all life. Now he sticks with the only family he has left, determined to help his mentor in battle and in life.

-Spatial Psychokinesis
Whilst not up to the same code as Psychic's, Vlad is a dab hand at utilising Psycho-electricity which also can amplify his speed to levels of perhaps the flash for a short amount of time.

-Super Endurance
Spatial radiation has hardened his bones, arteries, organs and even his skin. whilst not on the levels of heroes like Superman he can take more punishment than most people but he is not bullet proof.

-Heightened senses and strength
Vlad is faster than any natural being and has strength to match it. His battle approach is hitting his enemy hard and fast, so if they aren't knocked out they can't hit him back.

-Technological Mastery
Vlad is a master with virtually everything technological, capable of designing and building virtually any weapon any situation would deem handy. Having built his own plasma guns and helped Psychic weaponise the Future Retro Vlad serves as Psychic's go to guy technologically speaking.

-Physical limitiations
Whilst not as mentally orientated as Psychic or Mel Vlad's strengths are primarily physical but like with all things that has it's limitiations. Also as he doesn't have a higher healing factor if he is critically wounded he won't recover and whilst his endurance is  perhaps stronger than Psychic's he is still not invicible.

Whilst not as  present as when he was a boy it remains an inherent weakness and source of fear even present to his adult hood. As the cosmaine had no real source of natural light fire is an inherent weakness to his species.

-Hero Complex
Vlad is a hero enthutiast, his respect for the likes of Batman and Superman is obvious but it's a little deeper than that. Like his mentor he has developed a sense of faulted omni-caring. Whilst he knows he has to kill he will do his best to save everyone he can even if it causes him phsyical harm or even endangers his life.

-Emotional Volatility
Vlad is a real hot head, this is clear for his disdain for Edward and often losing his cool when facing some of the more personal adversaries. Unlike his tactiturn mentor he can't always keep his emotions under control and thus leaves himself open for manipulation.

-Smart Alec
Not really a weakness but can annoy the hell out of Psychic, golden rule in parenting, make sure the kid isn't as smart as you.
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