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DC Comic Project: Character Profile-Mel by Foxy-Knight DC Comic Project: Character Profile-Mel by Foxy-Knight
Name: Melanie Walker
Age: 600 (physical age 24)
Psychokinetic Level:Naturally Psychokinetic

-Mother (deaceased)
Father (Unknown)
Brother (Unknown)
Sabrina Walker (Adoptive Mother, deceased)
Psycho Wolf (Adoptive Father, deceased)
Psychic (Adoptive Brother)
Vlad (Adoptive Brother, though he sees her more maternally)
Kai Walker (Adoptive Grandfather)

Weapons:She uses her own fists

Whilst not as ancient as the Lupos and the Cosmaine, the Psychoids were around closely after the big bang, natural psychokinetic creatures. Every Psychic creature in the universe has a link to the Psychoids as they have links to both Lupos and Cosmaine. Born on the jungle planet of Mylonis all Psychoids are atheltic and built to take and expel heat, two hearted like the Lupos but with a vastly superior healing system as they are able to empathetically pass it onto others (Something most Lupos aren't able to do).

Child of Mylonis
The Psychoid people are upholders in the belief that the universe is the mother of all life and cares for everyone. She also believes that the devil (or rather the Void) seeks to destroy all life. When this happens the universe selects it's own agents, angels to protect her and all life she so lovingly cares for.  Melanie upholds her beliefs, whilst they do not blind her to the wisdom of logic she chooses to maintain her faith in the ever caring maternal universe and her unshakable conviction that Psychic is an angel chosen to protect them all.

A childhood spent on her home of Mylonis, she was a promising warrior but more than that she was a caring soul, even by the standards of her peaceful people.
Then the unthinkable happened, the Psychoids were attacked and invaded by an enemy Mel would come to fear for the rest of her life.

The women and children fled for the Jungle shrine, the safest haven on the planet but on route Mel and her mother was attacked by the augmented monsters and her mother was killed before her own eyes. Fearing death and her beliefs shaking she was rescued by an Angel she would learn was called psychic. With his intervention Mylonis was saved but not without cost, having lost all she had she joined Psychic and became a part of his family.

Growing under the care of Psycho Wolf, Sabrina Walker, Psychic and Kai Walker she became a strong, dependant and caring woman reading to fight alongside Psychic to help save the universe.

Mel as always is with her family, concerned for their safety and worried about Psychic's mentality...and also in a budding relationship with Edward Nigma.

-Natural Psychokinesis
Mel has access to a wide range of psychokinetic abilities from both the Lupos and the Cosmaine, able to utilise abilities such as white electricity, psycho fire, telepathy, teleportation and a whole general range of psychokinesis. As part of the package she also has an inate ability of flight although not in the manner like Superman and not for long periods.

Born on Mylonis she was phsyically a very spry lifeform, able to navigate through dense jungles and scale buildings as if they were trees. Whilst unable to reach speeds akin to Superman or the Flash she often can outmatch both Psychic and Vlad in speed and had a good degree of strength too, though not at the superhuman level she uses her psychic powers to give herself more edge.

-Empathetic Healing
Her healing abilities rival if not surpass Psychic's own. She could recover from critical injuries in the same time it would take Psychic to stop a blood wound. Of course for that level of healing she has to concentrate, a minor trade-off it may seem but can leave a window of opportunity to an enemy. Whilst uncommon for a Lupos to be able to bestow healing onto another Psychic shares this ability with Mel who has this skill naturally. Often using it to help both Psychic and Vlad when they are hurt in the field.

Able to understand a person to a deep level it would take a normal person years to do, as a result this makes her a very affiable person, that and she is naturally a sweet woman.

-Mental Limitiations
Whilst it would seem she is balanced between physical prowess and psychokinetic abilities she relies primarily on her natural psychokinesis and as one would expect this takes a toll on her mind. Also like Psychic her emotions can affect her control over her powers, whilst not genetically unstable it is still a potent threat

-Physical Vulnerability
Even with her healing and speed she has the same type of flesh and organ strentgh as a human, and her white blood cells do not conduct electricity meaning she has a weakness there as well. Like Psychic she had two hearts and if one is wounded she too loses all abilities and healing until she is fully restored and in sync and if it's not done within the hour she won't make it.

-Psychological trauma
Scarred for life the first time she met Psychic at the attack on Mylonis and seeing the death of her mother right in front of her eyes as a child she harbours deep fear. That feeling of helplessness  and sense of approaching death has haunted her for all of her life and can cause her to freeze up in heavy battle.

Maternal Complex
Not really a weakness but means Psychic and Vlad can never win an arguement with her...heh
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Antophia Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see you have thought very well of your character. I like her clothes, they are actually pretty cool, but i think the ones on the right (from my view) would fit more for a fight. :)
Foxy-Knight Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for the comment
Dkalban Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Foxy-Knight Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student Writer
Cheers, I've opted to make her more of a fighter in appearance but with a sense of medical 
Dkalban Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Foxy-Knight Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student Writer
Doing one for Edward and Kai too
Dkalban Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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