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Cain and Mabel Chapter 01-Page 35 by Foxy-Knight Cain and Mabel Chapter 01-Page 35 by Foxy-Knight
The year of the fox continues, and in order to dispel confusion allow me to explain how Cain actually got the police here. 
Cain and Mabel - chapter 1 pg 18 by SilverVanadis in this page he tells Volcarona that the poacher is a crook, so if they bring the police they will arrest him
Cain and Mabel - chapter 1 pg 22 by SilverVanadis when they go to the poacher's truck looking for big mama Cain notices the map and radio, hence why he's able to give the police the co-ordinates.

In short, Cain is one smart Fox and even if his copper illusion failed, which it did see here --> Cain and Mabel - chapter 1 pg 32 by SilverVanadis 

there would still be a blockade of REAL coppers waiting for the poacher the moment he tried to exit the cave -->  Cain and Mabel - chapter 1 pg 33 by SilverVanadis

He gets smug points for tricking the poacher into thinking it was another illusion, confessing to the crime of mass poaching and insulting an officer's highlights...that's got to be a 15-life right there. 
So all in all let's give :iconsilvervanadis: a massive round of applause for making all these pages come together

  Cain and Mabel - chapter 1 pg 34 by SilverVanadis<--- FAV AND COMMENT HERE!! Only critique here and I shall pass it onto :iconsilvervanadis: 

Art done by :iconsilvervanadis:
Story and characters done by me and :iconsquirrelkitty76:
Pokemon belongs to nintendo, this is a fan based webcomic on the games, TV shows and manga 

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