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I see the face of superman in this hero, of course that's a clear sign of Bruce Timms style which you encapsulate so well my friend and...

Does this look like a victim to you? Does this look like someone you can ignore, underestimate, push around? Does this look like someon...

Watchdogs meets daft punk with elements of deus ex and my good friend Alex whom is a chivalrous pervert and we get something approachin...

Fox is me, now I know that sounds stupid because he's not is he? He's a fictitious character I made up to work alongside Dkalban's char...




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WOTM-CH01-Euro Fox-Page 17

Between an Akuma and a Miraculous...Deja Vu

Fox is having flashbacks, I hope it doesn’t stop him moving to the next page. Speaking of pages this is one of my favourites, much thanks to the legendary :iconmegs-ils: See her page here -->  Warriors of the Miraculous Chapter 1 page 17 by MegS-ILS

Warriors of the Miraculous is  written by me and :iconcolors789:

Chapter one arted out by :iconmegs-ils:

The Fox Fam belongs to me and :iconcolors789:

Previous page:  WOTM-CH01-Euro Fox-Page 16 by Foxy-Knight
Next Page: 21st September


Interview with a Warrior

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 16, 2018, 2:03 PM
I am Fox (Comic Cover) by Foxy-Knight
The interviewer is alone in the room, lights bright albeit flickering every other second until the flickering becomes more intense. There is a sense of something amiss but no sound can be heard over the staticing bulb until finally there is darkness. The interviewer looks around, still no sound to be heard until they notice a faint hum. Like something vibrating, and then the hum grows louder and in the darkness the red outline of a human shape glows before crouching down onto the seat opposite the interviewer. The light returns and in full view is the warrior known in the superhero community as Fox. He looks at the person who will ask the questions and smiles his famous 'foxy' smile and reaches with their left hand to tap the base of their helmet and slowly removes it to reveal the face beneath. Long brown hair flopping out, burning orange eyes focussed on the person opposite them and a calm, fearless demeanour as they get comfortable and await the first question.

1.- Hello, and welcome to 20 Questions with Fourth Wall Magazine!
What is your real name and nickname? 

My Codename you will already know: Fox. My real name, well I chose the name Jack Dahl so I suppose that is my real name. It's who I am underneath all this armour and gadgets, it's who tucked in the little scottish girl when it was her bedtime and it's who hangs around with everyone who comes down to the Foxhole or up to the flat. Nicknames I have a few, Foxy, Onii-chan, Beast King...I suppose Beast counts if we include recurring insults but let's not dwell so much on question one shall we?

2.- Very Nice to meet you, what is your current age? 
As of this moment and rounding off, I am about twenty nine years of age. And yet already a family man, still I can't talk. Look how early my boss started. That Bat Family has been years in the making Fox chuckles lightheartedly

3.- What is your alignment in the great never-ending battle of good and evil? 

Well objectively speaking I am on the side of the angels, it's the side I believe in and thus the side I fight for. Of course you don't earn names such as the Beast King by being a boy scout. I guess I'm a modern hero, I'll do some nasty shit but of course I have standards. I adhere to Batman's no kill rule but don't for one moment think that's a weakness, to the contrary...many of my quarry would consider it a mercy I denied them. Fox looks steely at the interviewer before smirking Couldn't keep a straight face for that one

4.- What is the origin of your powers? 
Powers? Sorry to disappoint, nothing meta or magic about me. I am the results of a traumatic childhood, an ungodly training regimen, child soldier programmes and more experience on the battlefield than I had any business having. Doesn't sound very heroic thus far does it?

5.- Fascinating! Now, superpowers and such aside, what do you feel is your greatest strength as a character? 
Fox takes pause to consider that, looking thoughtful Well I know Violetta has told me I am a determined fellow, well she's called me a stubborn asshole in spanish but with the connotation of sororal affection. Lizzie would tell me I have a big heart, something Mag would agree with and Joseph has complimented my tactical foresight and taste in music. Lauren likes that I'm a fellow badass so with all that considered I think my greatest strength of character could very well be adaptability

6.- Here's what may be a bizarre question: What kind of Universe do you exist in? Is it serious? Comical? Sexy? Noir? Horror? 
Well I can't speak for the rest of my universe but I've had my fair share of all of those elements so I'd say I'm in an all encompassing universe by that standard.

7.- A lot of super-people have certain recurring elements of tragedy in their background. The readers would like to know if you do as well. For instance, are your parents still alive and/or did you come from a destroyed planet? Stuff like that.
My parents are both alive, and both abused me and my little sister mercilessly and from that abuse, emotional and physical torment we were forged into something less than human. Clinging to a sense of self was a daily struggle and yet we both somehow managed it and by some divine miracle we escaped our parents and found a family with each other and the friends and loved ones we found along the way. What also followed was neurosis, PTSD, intense physical scarring and a great many people who want to kill us. For an inkling of this, you can watch Game of Thrones but remove all of the incest...Good god. Fox shudders and reminds himself this is why he doesn't watch that TV show

8.- Who made your costume? 

My armour is a custom job, made by yours truly. Cyberflesh armour is a huge advancement in all terrain suits, the material is woven nanomechanically in which the dense armour is reduced to skin thick layer and compressed within the armour to make for something durable and light. Of course heavier mercenaries add more density which in turn is more weight and this does make them tougher but slower. I would rather be just durable enough without impeding on my speed. One needs to be able to take a hit of course but it's important to be able to DODGE!!! Fox starts laughing as he sees the interview nearly jump out of their skin I promised Lauren I'd slip in a DBZA quote, oh when she sees this she's gonna laugh her ass off. 

9.- Do you have siblings? 
I do indeed, my biological younger sibling is my dear imooto-chan Haley Dahl. Here's a picture
Dahl Album 3 by Foxy-Knight
I think I bought her that T-shirt, I do enjoy going shopping with her. 

10.- What is your biggest fear/ worst nightmare? 
Ah...the hard questions begin. Fox takes a deep breathe and his eyes spark, burning with more intensity as he considers his answer The funny thing is, until recently I was only haunted by the past. The battles, my mother, the torture...but then I came to America, I raised a child, I made friends, I form a family, I fell in love and I...found a life. I suppose now after all that, I'm afraid of losing that. Fox looks down as the effects of his words wash over him, before he takes a deep breathe and puts on a comforting smile sensing he may be putting the interviewer at unease

11.- Are you a solo act, or part of a team? 
Team Player, all the way. Sure I can do the solo act when everyone else wants the night off but I'm part of the Fox Fam, me, Okami/Jude Howard, Kumiho/Haley Dahl, Shepherd/Alexander Reid, Kamali/Lizzie Dahl and when we consider the 'extended family' whoo boy. It's less of a team and more of a superhero network and for some reason I seem to be at the core of it, or maybe they just all like hanging out in the Foxhole. Like the coffee house from friends only with swords on the wall, massive screen, video games and you know...decent coffee. That's not a joke, I am a good host damn it.

12.- Who is your worst enemy and why? 
Orion, the Mercenary King. Oh my rogues gallery is as vicious as it is monstrous but he stands atop that pile able to make them all dance to his tune, the commanding element, the implacable man, my father...

13.- Huh, okay. interesting. Then, who is your best friend? 
See this is a hard question because if I name anyone someone else is gonna get pissed at me and I know no matter who I put in the number one slot I'd get an equal earful from everyone else. So with all due respect let me forego that question and instead answer with a list of my best of friends
1. Joseph Kane/Ronin (bros4life)
2. Lauren Snyder/ Malice (Red sibs)
3. Violetta Campos/ The Revenant (hermanito/hermenita)
4. Sylvia Sinclair/ Sister Sin
5. Russell Crowler (brits together)
6. Sammy Hartiel and Starly House/ Max Heart and Strike Star
7. Candice Yacob
8. Lilly Tanner/Pixel
9. M1sch13f
10.Jude Howard/Okami (he's part of the Fox Fam but I gotta put him in here or he'll get pissy)
11. Kiara Avezedo/Peace
12. Irie Morgan/Amity
13. Jun Tenshi-Walker
14. Psychic
15. Hank Henderson/Cerberus
16. Biorn
17. Ambrosio Oscuridad
18. Robyn/Fidelity
19. Riv'r (yes I didn't forget you ya little pixie nugget!)

14.- Confession time; Who is your lover? 
Her name is Margaret Rivera Fox pauses as he considers going on, blushes and smiles wistfully and realises if he allowed himself he could and likely would go on and on, so decided to settle simple on saying; I love her with all my heart.

15.- Existential question: What would you do if you could ever meet your creator? 
Fox looks serious, but not necessarily aggressive as he mulls that over My backstory is basically a textbook titled how to create a supervillain and yet I am vehemently on the side of good and despite my aggressive and brutal tactics and tendencies I am regarded as a wholly loving and caring man. It seems like my creator is trying to make a point, and I think I'd want to know what that point is...and depending on the answer depends on my next move if or when I meet my creator.

16.- What is your lifelong dream? 

Well my lifelong dream was ultimately to find people who would like me, so that's been accomplished I think. I suppose my most desired dream then would be for the war on crime, drugs, mercs-basically for the never ending battle to end or at the very least reach a point where it is manageable without the need of vigilante aid and so me and my buds can just enjoy the rest of our lives.

17.- What would you do if your dream came true? 

Settle down with the family, spend the rest of my life with Mags, Lizzie, the kids. Maybe take a volunteer position teaching kids how to defend themselves, put money into homeless shelters and places for abused people to take shelter. Write a book maybe, just live my life. 

18.- As a character, do you have any personal demons or overarching regrets that haunt you? 
...Fox's eyes burn and he takes a deep breathe My mother, my father...the training it took to get me to this position and the face and names of everyone I wasn't good enough to save. Fox looks remorseful at that, covering his eyes with his hand and takes a deep breathe

19.-  What does your "secret identity" do for work? 
I am the chief engineer and head of technological development at Wayne Enterprises, the head techie if you will. Allows for some collaboration with all my other nerd friends and even if I didn't have my night job this would pay the bills. But working for Batman is what's gonna put my kids through the best college I can tell you that!

20.- Last question, and it's a DOOZY for a super: What is the WEIRDEST thing that has happened to you? 
...I was conditioned to not fear death, become the most lethal warrior this planet has ever known, primed to take on foes from Superman to Swamp Thing and instead...I'm a loving father, devoted partner, doting brother, adoring uncle and a fine friend to many. By all accounts I have every excuse to walk the path of a supervillain, and here I am...something more. That's pretty F**king weird, but it's also sweet as hell.

With that Fox puts his helmet back on, the lights go out for two seconds and when they come back on the interviewer is all alone
---Interview Concluded---

Huge shout out to my creative Fam
:iconcolors789: :icondkalban: :iconsquirrelkitty76::iconarkhamredx: :iconmercyink87: :iconghostlyelegance::iconthescarletmercenary::iconyugirl:

Hope you all enjoy this!


rhys horton
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