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FOXY GIRLS Magazine | July 2017 by Foxy-3D
Spring by BIOCITY2
Summer! by S0mniaLuc1d0
Like a fine wine by demon1582
Modeling Photography
Evening guest #2 by DmitryElizarov

Mature Content

Kate by art0fCK

Mature Content

~flower~ by creativephotoworks
Like a fine wine by demon1582
Cosplay Girls
Koyuki - Sheryl Nome Gorgeous by Nlghtmal2e
Koyuki - Sheryl Nome Gorgeous by Nlghtmal2e
Koyuki - Sheryl Nome Gorgeous by Nlghtmal2e
Koyuki - Sheryl Nome Gorgeous by Nlghtmal2e
Casual Pics and Selfies
bunny ears by ParadoxGalaxyMuffin
velma* by ParadoxGalaxyMuffin
Thighs~ (Quick #44) by sailorbutters
3D Girls
Emma: Pink and White by Foxy-3D

Mature Content

Abby: Steamy 2 by Foxy-3D

Mature Content

Introducing Lara by forged3DX
Me and the Bears 15 by LaMuserie
Digital Art
Academy Ahri by Z-Duke
Miss Fortune by Prywinko
A wild MISTY appeared! by GigaMessy

Mature Content

Commission: Car wash V2 by virus-g
Traditional Art
Dreamy Ariel by nanako87
Angel Yulia II by rolenromanes
OCs: Any Media

Mature Content

Karen Gaianni (OC) .Nude. by martaino
Jewel (OC) August Practice by ronggo
|CM| Ishtar Aria by GigaMessy

Mature Content

Statue Sorceress 02 - 4 of 4 by Dangerguy01
Yuri and Multiple Girls: Any Media
Brandy and Abby: Chillin' at the Beach by Foxy-3D

Mature Content

Feeling left out [4K] by Absoluth

Mature Content

A Relaxing Dip by soup-sammich
Video Game Girls: Any Media swimsuit by Liang-Xing
Ahri challenger portrait by Polkin
Widowmaker Summer Games Skin 2017 by Didi-Esmeralda
Commissions: Any Media
Tifa, by tsuaii by Antsstyle
Comics, Animation, Other Media
Black Widow by Artfulcurves
T and A: Any Media

Mature Content

Level 3 Zelda (PATREON COMMISSION) (NSFW) by customwaifus
Bondage Art: Any Media

Mature Content

Strapped tight 1 by silenceyoursword
BBW: Any Media
Net #3 by sailorbutters
Censored Art or Large Watermarks: Any media
Saya Takagi by chancero
Commission and Product Advertising: Any Media
Emma: Elegant Angels Pose Pack Promo by Foxy-3D



Welcome to Foxy Girls!

This group is on an indefinite hold. Membership and submissions are currently CLOSED.

Greetings! I am the founder, Foxy-3D. Life outside of DeviantArt has begun to demand more of my time, and I am unable to devote myself to this group, or my personal page as much as I would like. As of late, our staff of admins has dwindled down to only one active admin, swampything. Understandably, he does not have the time to manage this group by himself.

After discussing the situation, we have decided to close the group. This will be a "soft close" and not a complete deactivation. A lot of hard work has been put into getting together a lot of fantastic artists and some wonderful art. It would be a shame to just see that all vanish. Out of respect for those artists, we will keep the group live so they can continue to receive some exposure for the images that are here.

I would also like to apologize to any artists who have been submitting recently, and their submissions have just been expiring.

Thank you to all of the artists, members, and contributors who have helped along the way. Best wishes to you all!

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

FOXY GIRLS Magazine | July 2017 by Foxy-3D

Welcome to Foxy Girls magazine, published by the Foxy-Girls group. We feature sexy girls of all kinds from our group members. If you aren't a member or watcher, please consider it. We would love to have you. This month's theme is summer / nautical, and we thank you for checking it out. We hope you enjoy it!


I'm Foxy-3D, and I would like to thank co-founders swampything and CCRENDERS, and Miss KaroneRys for their encouragement and ideas to start the group. I would also like to thank them, and all of our current contributors, forged3DX, Thedawidow, chamucaselamor69, LindaRoze, Windseeker04, MexicanFlower, and charly21 for their time and effort in helping with the group.  

:iconfoxy-3d: :iconswampything: :iconccrenders:  :iconkaronerys:  :iconforged3dx:  :iconthedawidow:  :iconchamucaselamor69:  :iconlindaroze:  :iconwindseeker04: :iconmexicanflower:  :iconcharly21:

Please check out their pages, and visit our ABOUT US section to learn more about all the members of our staff. 

Now, on to the content!  :-)  

Cosplay Cutie Koyuki

Since this month's issue is based around a summer and nautical theme, what better cover girl to have other than a sexy sailor girl? Meet Koyuki, a super cute cosplay model from Thailand. She works on many of her projects with the very talented photographer Nlghtmal2e. He has been on DeviantArt for over five years, and his gallery is filled with fantastic cosplay photography featuring not only Koyuki, but other sexy cosplay models as well. Be sure to check out his gallery. Koyuki does not have a DA account, but you can learn more on her Facebook and World Cosplay pages. Thanks to both of you for participating in the magazine!

Koyuki - Sheryl Nome by Nlghtmal2e  :iconnlghtmal2e:……

Dragon Age: Isabela

Our resident writer and co-founder, swampything has been commissioning and collecting some really fantastic Dragon Age artwork. This month we're featuring the sexy swashbuckler Isabela. 

Isabela is a pirate and professional duelist from the Dragon Age series of RPGs who sails the seas with her loyal crew, acquiring riches, sleeping around with anyone who catches her interest, and teaching her naive young friend Merrill about life. She loves sex, humor, adventure, and the sea, and never lets life get her down. 

Please enjoy these awesome images from these talented artists: tiangtam | DotWork-Studio | LindaRoze | Ateliae | Foxy-3D (that's me!)

Isabela at sea by swampything   Isabela- Beach Babe Part 3 by swampything   Isabela - Dragon Age 2 by DotWork-Studio   Isabela (Dragon Age) by LindaRoze   [CM] Isabela by Ateliae  

Mature Content

Isabela- Beach Babe by swampything

20 Questions with Mermaid Eva

Speaking of swampything, he has interviewed Mermaid Eva, an OC by the super creative sirenabonita. This interview is highly entertaining, and you will probably learn more about mermaids than you ever thought possible! Please check it out, and the rest of his gallery. There is even a whole book about mermaids, titled Around the World in 580 Days ~ Mermaids Cut

Interview with EvaHi, this is 20 Questions with :iconsirenabonita: ‘s OC Eva, conducted by the resident interviewer at Foxy-Girls, :iconswampything:
Q1: Hi! Can you tell us the basics of who you are? Your name, where you're from, what you do, the skinny?
A: Hi ~ my name is Eva Leventis. I am a mermaid, mostly. (My father, Delphin is mer, but my mom, Katy is 65% Mer and 35% human, more-or-less).
I guess you would call me a native Californian. I am from the first set of triplets that my mom gave birth to. Me and my born-togethers (Nerie & Genie) were born on board my mom's ship, the Athena Transcendent. The Athena T was anchored at the Mar Island Shipyard at Vallejo, CA waiting for refit when we were born.
My role as a mermaid is to help my mother in her role as Clan First-Mother. but i am trained as a chemist and marine biologist. Mom made us all get the equivalent of PhD educations, even though mermaids cannot go to human schools.
My real passion is choreography and underwater dance, and i spend a

Mature Content

An Interview with Mermaid Eva by sirenabonita

If you like this interview, swampything is open for writing commissions of all forms. Check out his journal here: Commissions


It was very difficult to come up with just a handful of sexy summer art to feature for this issue. Here are our top choices, but please don't stop there. Our galleries are filled with Foxy Girls!

Summer Fun with Zooey

Artist PinkLadyMage has been on DeviantArt for less than a year, but already has over 3600 watchers. Go visit her gallery of sexy babes like Granblue Fantasy's Zooey, and you'll see what all the fuss is about!  :-)

Zooey by PinkLadyMage  :iconpinkladymage:

Sweet Angel Aeris

Meet Aeris, an OC owned and commissioned by Kizouriin, created by artist GigaMessy. Isn't she cute??? Please check out both of their galleries to see more foxy girls just like this.  

|CM| Aeris by GigaMessy  :icongigamessy:  :iconkizouriin:

Megan Coffey as Shirahoshi

MeganCoffey is a very popular model and cosplay cutie. Here, we have her playing Shirahoshi, the Mermaid Princess. Visit Megan's gallery to find over 2100 photos of her regular modeling and cosplay shoots.

Shirahoshi - Water by MeganCoffey  :iconmegancoffey:

Anivia - Ready for Summer

Here's a humanized version of Anivia from League of Legends, commissioned by LP4ever and created by artist martaino. It looks like she's definitely ready for summer!

Mature Content

CM: Pool Party Anivia .NSFW opt. by martaino
  :iconmartaino:  :iconlp4ever:

Pool Party Leona

Another hot League of Legends girl, Leona is featured here. She says she is ready to head to a pool party, but she seems to have lost her top. We can thank artist Kittew for that!

Mature Content

Poolparty Leona Nsfw by Kittew

Valley of Dreams

With over 2.9 million page views and more than 27,000 watchers, photographer ArtofdanPhotography has been publishing sexy images here on DeviantArt for over five years. This breathtaking waterfall picture features the foxy and erotic model Katya Clover.

Mature Content

The Valley Of Dreams by ArtofdanPhotography

Sponsor the August Issue of Foxy Girls!

As you know, our group is very new, but we are dedicated and have aspirations to become a Super Group. Why? Because we would like to have access to some of the premium features like polls. We want to make this group for you, and all about you! We want to start asking members for your ideas on what you want to see, who you want featured, who should be the next cover girl, and we want to have some fun contests.  :-)

We're looking for sponsors for the August Issue of FOXY GIRLS. Our previous issues have had thousands of views each. if you're looking to get some extra exposure, or would just like to help support our group, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined the group so far, and thanks for submitting some great Foxy Girls artwork. We appreciate your continued interest, participation, and support. 

***Cover girl: Koyuki | Photo by Nlghtmal2e | Used with permission. Cover concept and design by Foxy-3D.***
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