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Hi guys its been a hell of a journey these last six years and I've appreciated all the amazing support from every Deviant. However, its with a heavy heart I confirm that me and my wife Oki have separated and so AFP cannot continue. I'm sorry to have to break this news but if would still like to follow me on my new DA page the link is below. 

Thanks again for all the friendship and support :hug:

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Ok so you may be aware of our Youtube account and how it doesn't get updated very often?... well personally, I'm not so much for the video making side of things, but my Wife loves it!! so I have handed the Youtube over to her! she will be uploading more videos and I believe she changed the username but she is having trouble getting to grips with the settings of Youtube... We can't work out what we actually did to our username... 

Also, we have a new photoshoot to upload but my computer and DA are not getting along at the moment and for some reason I just can not upload anything right now!! I guess I will have to try again tomorrow.

For now, here is a barefoot video by my Wife. Enjoy! (If you have a youtube account, feel free to leave a comment with any tips/suggestions. She is pretty excited about making the videos!)
And here is a link to the overall Youtube…
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Ok so currently our 'fetish' community has no benchmark to mark quality against like other industries e.g.

The MTV awards for music

The Oscars for Movies

Hell even traditional porn even has awards these days!

But nothing for feet...

So my dream was...The Golden Toe Awards!

I was thinking that as we ALL have contacts with other sites in our industry we could band together to create the Golden Toe awards of 2014 and issue award emails with a custom picture of a trophy for them to mark themselves as winners!

Soo what do you all think?

Anybody interested in helping please comment or note...Thank you! :aww:


Anders & Oki
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Hello everyone :aww: following the success of recruiting to our page, we're asking all female Deviants willing to model for us to drop us a note with an introductory photo of your bare feet clearly showing either toes or soles with F F written on them. :hug: :party:

For all those interested, we will naturally link the image back to your page if you wish, so you can be credited but also to give any works of your own a larger overall viewer ship... 

Naturally there is no minimum or maximum amount of images you need to submit to us but the images supplied must have a focus on your feet, be of decent viewing quality and contain no blatant nudity or offensive material, otherwise we leave it upto your imaginations to decide setting, props , polish etc! :XD: 

Please please please drop us a mail if this interests you!!!!

Many Thanks

Anders & Oki 
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Grattis Star Wars dag alla! 

To celebrate, which star wars character should my wife draw the feet of? :XD:

And which character has the sexiest feet? :heart:
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Hi all! so we have been doing a few polls lately... research! 
we like to shoot the kind of thing people want to see, so
we like to get some info from time to time.

Results of the nail art poll... I feel we already have a happy medium, 
which matches the results pretty much... Plus our lovely model does
enjoy her nail art from time to time :) but the overall result was 
'no' to 'sometimes' which we go for already.

Results of the Instagram poll... we are so appreciative of those who
said they would follow us but a shocking amount overall result of people
answered to say that they don't use instagram... so I don't think 
we will really go for instagram at this current time. It was only
a consideration and there doesn't seem to be much of a barefoot
following there.

So, we have been buying quite a few things to go towards shoots 
lately... including:
.Nail art
So you can expects some uploads very soon :)

For now, hope everybody is doing ok, has nice plans ahead, and has some barefoot fun! 

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We have a couple of 'username on the feet' requests to get through this week (those waiting will see their pics soon)

Just letting you know, If you want to make a small donation, or however much you wish, we can add your request to our 'todo' list :) 

If there is anyone who has been waiting for a request whilst we weren't active, just give us a reminder in a note and please accept our apologies for the wait! Our 'Notes' folder is in a bit of a out of control :(
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Hi all! as you may have noticed we have a few new shoots! and we also made an account to start our own forum posts on the a great foot fetish community website you may be aware of, if not, check it out! 

well here is a link to our thread on the…

We are just starting off there so any conversation and comments that users of the site may want to add to the FoxyFeet thread would be very appreciated! 

Hope everybody is doing well! 
My Wife (love saying that) and I are going to settle an watch a movie :) 

(we were just joking about how we have had more come backs than a 90s pop group!)
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Hi everyone! we have been taking pictures again! ... we decided we needed a bit of a spring clean and new start to go with the new start to our relationship.... my... WIFE! and I have made a new Tumblr blog we will work on together and have changed our username to Foxy-Feet (Oki's favourite animal)

So if you have Tumblr please follow is at:

Thanks for being patient with our long absences... we are looking to change that as of now!

Wow! it's been a while! my fiancee and I have been talking a lot over the past few months about how we need to get back on track with our DA but things keep getting in the way! finally got some pictures! we have sorted our gallery folders into years, going through our gallery like that and seeing our pictures categorized year by year was really eye opening, seeing how much we have changed our photos over the years! it did make us sad to see how we don't have much to show for the last year or so, really the kick start we needed to get back into things! so you can expect more regular uploads from us now!

we are currently focusing on these sites:

DA www.artistic-feet.deviantart.c…

we appreciate signing in to all the lovely comments! thank you! your support really means a lot!
My fiancee has been saying lately she likes talking with people who like our photography, thats why she made her Tumblr ( and she has now made a Facebook.  feel free to add her ( she's new to it but i think it's cute how she's feeling so social and more comfortable with networking :heart:
Happy Holidays everybody! so you may have noticed... we have a new shoot :meow:

hope you are all doing ok! we have missed you a lot!

it is our New Year Resolution to update regularly again!

also a question... do you/would you use Tumblr?

:star: Updated: here is my fiancee's new Tumblr Tootsie Diary:
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Sorry for being away for so long! we aren't able to get internet at the moment, it's been that way for a few months! but we are getting it sorted soon when we are returning to really get going on our website. We have been taking pictures like crazy but just have no way to upload them! i have stolen five minutes on a friend's laptop right now to post this. It's horrible feeling so isolated from DA!

Hope you are all ok!

Thank you everyone for voting on the poll and commenting on the journal, although the results were pretty close... new profile won! so this will be our main profile always no changes at all really (like i said i'll be updating here soon) ... but my fiancee has gone ahead with her new profile (i'm excited to be a watcher of her and see what she does haha) she will try her best to upload one picture a day and a journal entry about what her tootsies have done each day :meow: It's like a diary :)

So you can visit her here!!: :iconhy-toes:

Thanks so much to all of you for your feed back :) hope you enjoy the extra profile!

Hope you have a great night (or day depending on the time where you are :) )

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Hello everyone, we are so sorry for being away for so long, sometimes things get on top of us a little in real life and we just don't get time to update or shoot properly :(

But we will be uploading very soon :)

ALSO ... heres the question:

So... my fiancee said this to me today:

"Baby i want to have a foot diary with a daily picture (or as often as i can update) and a journal entry of my foot experiences of the day,,, should i make this my own project on a new profile? or should i put it in a folder on the Artistic-Feet site? i worry it will get messy and busy if i want to do it nearly every day... so what should i doo?"

she really wants to do this as her own little project so we are asking you! would you like to see her Foot Diary on her own new profile? or would you like it to be here?

Comments appreciated!

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Hi, Just to clarify what we're intending to do regarding our paysite. The main reason we have deicded to create it is to finance the expansion of our pictures in several ways. So the following is what your £4.00, $6.17, 4.85 Euros a month will contribute towards:

1. Upgrading our equipment so we can offer High Definition (HD) pictures and videos for download.

2. Hiring a variety of female models to contribute with my Fiancee and create amazing tickling, foot worship and barefoot pictures.

3. Being able to create merchandise such as T-Shirts, posters, Magnets, phone covers etc.

4. Help us set up an easy means of shipping my Fiancee's old shoes and socks to you for a great price!

5. Give you a better quality, constantly updated foot fetish experience with huge scope for picture and video requests

Please give us detailed feedback on this because we really want to get this off the ground. The more support we have the cheaper we can make this for everybody involved.

Thanks again for the great support so far!

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Hi guys, its really good to be back and your support has been warm and really appreciated :aww: We're going to post a new shoot later on today and then start the task of backtracking requests and getting them finished too lol sorry about the wait guys! :aww:

We've just started a new project called 'Feet From Around The World' and that's where we need your help...

If you are a female Deviant or know somebody who would be willing to send us a picture of their feet for the project (over the age of 15) could you note us and also state the country you are messaging from :XD:

I know it's a tall order guys but you have been our lifeblood for the last three years and you are all our friends :hug:

Thanks so much!

Artistic Feet Productions
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Just thought i would share a little discovery that made us laugh recently! i often browse the website 'Wikifeet' and came across a picture claiming to be the feet of Ayu Pratiwi... but the picture displayed was actually one of my fiancee's feet, which is from our Deviantart gallery.. take a look!

:star: Wikifeet links:…

:star: Original picture in our gallery

Usually it is very annoying to find your own photography being used by somebody else claiming to be the model or photographer, but this time it's just quite a funny accident! and my fiancee was quite flattered by the mistake!

However i don't know how to report such a thing to Wikifeet, so if anybody knows how, maybe it would be for the best to let them know, other wise... quite funny :lol:
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Hi friends, sorry we haven't uploaded in a while :aww: Due to many requests for a stuck/muddy video my Fiancee has braved the cold and very sticky mud of the river to create our latest YouTube video.

Hope you enjoy it :hug:

Link here:…

Thanks so much for all your support :w00t: :dance:

Artistic Feet Productions
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1. Have you ever had your shoes and socks stolen/pulled off at school or work?

2. Have you ever had the urge to go barefoot in a city/town?

3. If so did you end up going barefoot?

4. What shoes/socks have you worn today?

5. Do you have nail polish on your toes at the moment, if so what colour?

6. Do you prefer shoes with laces/zips or slip-on shoes?

7. Have you ever worn socks with sandals?

8. Have you ever gone to the local corner shop barefoot or in socks?

9. What country do you live in?

10. CROCS WITH SOCKS a crime against fashion! Agree or disagree?
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