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Yoko's Pre-timeskip boots

So I decided to make a quick and easy tutorial on how to make Yoko's boots, now that I actually feel confident in how they look the third time around.. LOL

1. Purchase a plain white pair of Gogo boot's from online, or a local shoe store in your area. Make sure the boots are a pleather like material, because it is what works best when absorbing paints made for plastics. I purchased this pair off of amazon : [link]

2. Cutting in the fake zipper line:
I would not recommend this method for every gogo boot, because it is a little risky, make sure the boots you are using hug tight to your calves and not loosely or else when cut they may not stay on your feet very securely from being too loose. I used hair-cutting scissors to cut the pleather boots because they slice through them super easily.

3.Painting the flames:
I used red paint markers found in the arts and crafts section at walmart, They are easy to use and dry relatively fast, I also layered the flames 3 or 4 times to make them a deep even red. I only used 1 marker for these pair of boots, the markers cost about 3$ each.

4. Making fake zippers:

I cute these fake chunky zippers out of styrofoam board I had laying around. I used a box cutter. I used outdoor/ interior silver paint to make them appear more metallic. Then after the paint completely dried sprayed them down with clear spray paint to make them shiny. Lastly I sewed to zippers to the boots at the bottom of the fake zipper line. SEWING STYROFOAM IS NOT FUN T.T. If you have more money to spend then I did I would recommend buying silver shiny lining material from walmart instead, which is more flimsy but less thick. lols

Lastly: There is one last step I have not yet done to these , which is paint the zipper lines silver, I am also going to be using a paint marker for this, altogether this project cost me about 35$ total, but I'm sure you can find these boots for a bit cheaper now.

Tell me what you guys think! Hope this helps someone! xDD
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I know this is an older post but was curious how you cut where the real zipper is?
CoolKiddIce's avatar
Can I make sheele's boot's from Akame ga kill? Can't ou paint a design where the zipper is?…
JExy-tan's avatar
I know this is an older project, but I'm working on Yoko boots now and this guide is pretty useful! When you cut for the zipper line did you just cut a line down and then cut out squares?
beyonka77's avatar
OMG I can't thank you enough for making this tutorial <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
its no problem at all! glad to help! :3
desushi-chan's avatar
this help a lote thanks you
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
Mollychan88's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial >_<! It's very useful ^^
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
its no problem! I was hoping to help someone! :3
GeminiNoSaga88's avatar
Great work!!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I love when cosplayers make it!!! It's very useful sharing this techniques :D Thanks!!!
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
thanks, and its no problem~ :)
were you planning on cosplaying Yoko at some point??
GeminiNoSaga88's avatar
No... u.u I couldn't ever cosplay her! She's so sexy and explosive...
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
ohh okay! I was just wondering! xD
GeminiNoSaga88's avatar
No, no, of course, thank you so much for asking! You're very kind, I see you're selling some staff, don't you? I didn't mean to sound rude (when I say that in spanish I guess it sounds better! xDDDD)
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
hahaa no!! your never ever rude!
So don't worry about it. :)
BattyKai's avatar
That's so awesome!! Looks great, too! >u<
damnnn... I want that Yoko statu-that's a statue, right? OAO
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
thank you! the boots or the figure?? lols
and yeah its an action figure I used for reference. xD
BattyKai's avatar
You Are Always So Very Welcome!
And I was talking about the boots. XD
Epic. ;u;
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
ohh okay xD well thanks c:
it means alot. ;A;
I was thinking about commissioning them but idk. lols
BattyKai's avatar
Ohh, that'd be great. :3
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
Would you like some?? :3
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That's pretty much exactly how I made mine, lulz, only I attached my zippers by putting them on jewelry findings punched through the pleather. It gave the zippers a nice dangle, but they did have a tendency to fall off.
Foxy-Cosplay's avatar
Yeah, I kinda just ghetto rigged my zippers LOL
But jewelry findings sounds like a really good idea. ^^
and cool!!
CullenG-LSS's avatar
It's probably more secure than what I did. Maybe if I combined sewing with them. Hmmm... I really want to redo my Yoko cosplay at some point, or possibly go as Flight Attendant Yoko (with my gun). This Yoko doesn't need her Kamina to keep cosplaying. XP
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