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i will not shut this account down *yay*

But i will not very active here, because of some reasons...
  1. it is hard to reach. everytime i need to open deviantart i have to open my computer, login and then post something.
  2. i can't draw digitally. Why? the computer/laptop that i use DO NOT support my tablet, although it doesn't really matter but i kinda hate technology right now why? because when i just finished drawing something what i think is good, the computer froze then i forgot to save, then its gone forever *bye bye*
  3. LOVE LIVE SCHOOL IDOL FESTIVAL!! events, cards and stuff
  4. ANIME
But, will still post stuff on instagram
MY INSTAGRAM ---> @/rikosasakura (mostly LLSIF stuff)

but i will eventually post something here in the future (maybe?)
I will be moving to my new account

Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! :iconmaruzura: Arrow Bullet Left (Purple) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Blue) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Dark Blue) - F2U! 

this account will deactivate in a week
i was thinking i should move my account and start new, but should i deactivate this account???

what do you think?

don't worry some good art i will repost it on the new one
Finally my weight on my shoulder is gone, now I can draw again (probably).

or playing love live SIF
Sorry i just said it now

I will not be very active on deviantart like before because of final exams, but i will still be online and post drawings at least once a month. Nico Icon OK?

drawing while playing graal with best friend

first 2 people to come and write down in the chat get free commission
Tagged by :iconpastel-icious:

1.) Name: Claudia Juliarta
2.) Nickname: Audi, Odi
3.) Age: 11 but 12 this year
4.) Birthday: 12th july
5.) Health Freak: kinda
6.) Favorite Color: Purple
7.) Gender: Female
8.) Elementary school: almost finished but need to pass exams first
9.) Middle school: almost going to
10.) High school: Still don't
11.) College: Still don't
12.) Tall or short: Short
13.) Sweats or jeans: depends if it is comfortable
14.) Girly girl or tomboy: girly nerd
15.) Phone or camera: Phone
16.) Taken or Single: Single for realzies i never
17.) Talent: Drawing, violin maybe
18.) Swag or emo: in between
19.) Gamer: kinda cause i play some games like love live and i played it a lot
20.) Best friends: IRL : My school friends girls only.DA : Starry-artist, Pastel-icious, shella1402, graytyphoon
21.) Biggest fears: Ghost, bugs, and being killed
22.) Hardest thing you had to do: clumsyness
23.) Have/had depression?: yeah especially in 4th grade
24.) Got piercings: is earrings count as a peircing
25.) Got tattoos: No .
26.) Long/medium/short hair: short in my class i'm the girl with the shortest hair
27.) Favorite food: Bebek goreng
28.) Ever been on an airplane: only once to singapore
29.) Pants or dress/skirt: Pants to wear and skirts to draw
30.) Height: 153 cm i think?
31.) Weight: 33 kg
32.) Married: Nope
33.) Have kids:nope
34.) Worst day of your life: when i watched a scary show On the Spot there is like horror stuff i get really scared for a week or so
35.) Hair color: black
36.) Skin color: Sawo matang
37.) Eye color: dark brown but almost black
38.) Race: Javanese chinese
39.) Glasses or no glasses: I wear glasses
40.) Orange or apple: oranges

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Does any one have twin avatars.
May this year be the best times
begins in 14.35 WIB

Just wait and see what i'm drawin with original style and doin twilight
YES!! sudah libur aku bakalan banyak gambar. Nilai raporku bagus tapi ada yang nurun, tapi yay bisa gambar dengan tablet Kotori-ku. Tanggal 5 Januari masuk sekolah.

Kalau mau lihat WIP gambar lihat Twitter atau Instagram

instagram banyak gambar aikatsu

Bow and Ruffles Banner by socksyy  Bow and Ruffles Banner by socksyy  Bow and Ruffles Banner by socksyy

English translation:

YES !! holiday I've been going to draw a lot of pictures. For my report card was good but there were descending, but yay i can draw with my Kotori Tablet. January 5 to go to school.

If you want to see WIP pictures see Twitter or Instagram

instagram have many pictures of aikatsu
Sorry i haven't been posting drawings i was busy i just finished first semester exams and tryouts, my usb is lost and my laptop have many viruses and now it's used for tax invoices and i'm using my mom's laptop.

I will finish all that commissions and draw again

I will mostly active on Instagram
Drawing shipping of OctaviaxVinyl Scratch/DJ Pon 3 with Pripara mascots costumes, cause' why not? I hope i can finish it all today

I'm trying to vector ponies with photoshop. probably this is for halloween.

My mic is working, so i probably do this quick.

Hope GrayTyphoon and SEY-LamePowerDie1402 will come

i suddenly have a sudden want to livestream

i'll maybe show my face

Stream link

Hope :icongraytyphoon: will come, there is a surprise for him.
if you missed it see my instagram: claudia_akari.mlp