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Christmas Special Delivery 02

By foxxy-arts
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Merry Christmas from me, the North Pole, and my lovely group of toys! ^v^

Toy Roster:
01) :iconagent-eckswhy: (ball)
02) :iconarim: (dolly)
03) :icontheyellowcoat: (MLP toy)
04) :iconsilver-writing-desk: (rocking horse)
05) :iconredflare500: (RC car)
06) :icondoctorbagphd: (Minnie plush)
07) :iconchocosune: (chocobo statue)
08) :iconfaylox7: (plush)
09) :iconmynder: (boat)
10) :icontf-sential: (plane)
11) :iconarcticwlf: (dinosaur)
12) :iconcwtyger: (snowman)

and also :icondeniseunicorn: hiding in there somewhere. ;) Have a great one guys!
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Marissa's Toy Roster:

01) foxxy-arts/you (ball)

02) lily proud (dolly)

03) cherry (MLP toy)

04) amy apirana (rocking horse)

05) aqua39's character (RC car)

06) magic controll (Minnie plush)

07) baumbs (chocobo statue)

08) sally compia/me (plush)

09) melissa caners (boat)

10) justin puppy (plane)

11) miss baby dog (dinosaur)

12) orange ball (snowman)

and also aridia pizarro hiding in there somewhere. Have a great one guys!

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Wah, how did I not comment on this?! Thanks so much for the cute little inclusion x3
haha too funny love it!
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I was wondering how you'd convey that the toys really are transformed persons (and not just a bunch of ordinary toys) without a sequence - but they really look amazingly alive.
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There was a plan ;)
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Rarr. (Don't try to fool the big man, Foxxy.)
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Santa knows you well.  :D  Yay, I turned out very cute!  Hope whoever gets me in their stocking is happy!  ^^
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Thanks for tagging along! ^v^
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Hey, thanks for the opportunity to!  I've been a fan of yours for many years, as far back as your days doing TF art.  I've always liked how cute your art is.  I'd had some financial trouble for the last few years that I finally managed to sort out this year, so this is actually the first time I've been able to buy my way into anything like this in quite some time and I'm honoured it was one of yours.  Hope you had a merry Christmas!  I'll be looking forward to commissioning you in the future sometime.
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Well, I'm very glad your personal situation has improved and that you could get into some of my art! ^v^
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That rocking horse is just adorable!
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Great stuff this-
Hope they all like it =3
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It's so adorable! Great pic!
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Thanks for the great idea!
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Oh hey.. I'm in there somewhere.. :)
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Merry Christmas!
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Ah haha this is adorable! 
Thanks Foxxy and Merry Christmas to you ^^
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I make an enjoyable ball, what with my blush and everything. Just don't break my glasses when you bounce me!

Thank you very much, and have a merry Christmas!
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I think I like yours the best, lol
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squee it's so cute to be such a soft toy!
foxxy-arts's avatar
Thanks for joining!
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oh it was wonderful to get to see Santa and spread Christmas cheer lol
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Oh gosh this is really adorable! I very much approve of everyone being a wide range of different toys ready to spread holiday cheer to all. <3
Woxie steered me over to your stuff, and I definitely gotta say, your art and style are both very lovely and cute! Seeing some good representation of toys that we don't see much of, definitely gonna have to give you a watch, hoping to see more lovely work like this! Keep up the wonderful work! :D
Also, good to see fellow hippogryphs out and about, half reindeer, half bird is a really cool combination, very unique! :3
foxxy-arts's avatar
Welcome aboard, glad the circle of MLP + tf is widening. :)
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