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My Bio
Princess Foxxy, Queen of Socks
I'm a cute and cuddly hippogriff who loves to draw cute and cuddly things! My Little Pony, Disney, Sega, classic animation, Nintendo and other subjects can be found in my gallery. I also enjoy transformations and there's a few of those here too! :heart:

Current Residence: Liberty Square Riverboat Landing
Favorite Films: Fanny & Alexander, The Night of the Hunter, Metropolis, The Three Caballeros, Sherlock Jr, Suspiria
Favorite Games: Super Mario World, Mega Man 2, Sonic 3, Wonder Boy, Klonoa, Mario Kart

Favourite Visual Artist
Marc Davis
Favourite TV Shows
MST3K, TaleSpin, Friendship is Magic
Favourite Gaming Platform
NES / Famicom
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Paper, Marker, Ink, Paint
Other Interests
Tiki, cocktails, beer, themed design, pizza, fun!
(Edit: closed for now) Hey guys! So I feel like I spent most of October, November and December telling folks to check back in with me in 2019 for TF commissions and, well, I lost track of how many I told this to. So if you are one of these folks I told to check back, or are interested in buying one yourself: - Please send me a DM with your idea - Single picture ideas only, no sequences (small insert details ok) - I draw TFs for $45 lineart and $75-80 full color per frame. I rarely take on color TF commissions. I WILL NOT be able to accept everybody. I will, however, make a list of who's interested and decide which pieces to undertake
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(EDIT: CLOSED FOR NOW!) It December! I had a fun idea! Since a lot of my followers enjoy becoming various things, I saw an opportunity for some TFfy fun at my holiday part-time job at the North Pole! If you'd like to be one of the toys to be delivered by Santa, I'm selling slots through the month of December! Only $10 USD. What You're Buying! For $10 USD I will interpret your character design as a toy of your choosing. You will join the other toys in the sack to be delivered on Christmas! The final drawing will be a monochrome image, like this one, and posted on or near Christmas Day: What You Need To Do To Join: Send me a DM with the
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About a year ago, I sat down to draw a Br'er Rabbit tf sequence. I had been working up to that point for the better part of two years; after quitting tf art "for good" in 2011 I had decided that my old ways of drawing things were no longer acceptable and I had spent the last few years trying to find a new "voice" as far as drawing transformations went. That sequence was not easy to draw. As always you strive to make your art look effortless, but that was a two week long uphill battle during which such lovely inconveniences as getting cuts on the tips of my fingers, causing bleeding if I held a pencil, kept happening. But at the end of it I k
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Happy belated birthday!
Happy Birthday ^^
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