Well Fuck You To.
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I vanished from here for a while... Things came up. Life, mainly. I moved out on my own... I've had stress up to the eyeballs... My work is driving me insane... I lost a very dear friend of mine to an illness that should have been prevented...

I only really popped on here to see a picture a friend linked me to. I wasn't expecting to find that an old friend (and I have to call her that now, since she's not a current one) is active here. Which means she actually HAS been ignoring me and everyone else I've spoken to. I don't want that to make me hateful... It makes me... sad... That someone I loved and cared for and who I thought was a friend thinks so little of me...

It really is in times of crisis that you find out who your friends are. When she was having a tough time I tried to be there for her. Despite my own problems I was there for her. And when a tragedy hits and I find I might need someone to talk to... she's not there. She goes because her suffering and pain are greater than mine? Is that way? Maybe... I don't know, because I've not spoken to her.

And... I don't care now. I've come to the realisation that life is too short. That I shouldn't spend it worrying about what people think and worrying about the past.

Besides... I know exactly what Liz would be telling me right now, and she's right. I should leave her to her own special little world and give her the same thought she gives me. None. ^^

I was thinking of doing something and posting it here but... I've not made an icon/stamp/texture in... sooooo long... I can't draw... ^^ I'll think of something.

Need to head off now. Rant is done~
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Life is not short. It's the longest thing you'll ever do~ (Sorry, just lightening the mood bro)
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I'm sorry to hear that things have been tough for you but you know... maybe your old friend needed a break from that side of the internet? Ever thought that? And that maybe she wasnt ignoring you.

Everyone has problems in there lives and maybe she couldn't help you because her own just got it in the way. As I said we all have problems , my parents physically fight with each other, and do I try and lean on my online friend no. It's nice to talk with them cause it's something I can't talk about really but you make it sound like that's all you got and that your online friends are obligated to be by your side.

And maybe instead of bitching and moaning about how your friend wasn't there maybe you should ask her herself why she wasn't around to help you. Though as I said it's not her job to help you.

But yeah See you.
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No idea who you are... so who are you to judge?

I'm bad at explaining myself and when I wrote this, yes, I was angry. A friend of mine vanished... Only for me to find that, actually no, she'd not vanished, she'd just given up on a side of her life and friends who cared about her because she couldn't cope.

And yes... I said I needed a friend. Someone who'd understand... I later found out that this friend of mine had run away because she couldn't deal. It must have been so easy for her to abandon her friends, right? I could never do that. Our mutual friend, Liz... She passed away. I adored the woman and I miss her every day. She'd be angry that our friend had just ditched everything like this. Then again, she would have expected it as well. "Thinks she's a special little snowflake~" Is what she would have said, and had said in the past...

So I was angry. And justifiably so. She had her own problems, a lot of them I tried to help her through. But when the going got tough and I needed someone to talk to. She ran away. Forgot all about me and everyone. So you tell me... That the sign of a good friend?

... I'm not angry with her any more. I'm just sad. I've tried to get back in touch, emailed her... She's not responded. I'm imagining you're either my old friend or one of hers since you've deleted the account now. ^^ So you'll never get this or see what I've said and that's fine.

The point is... I wanted a friend and my friend wasn't there because she didn't think of me as a good enough friend for her. It's really that simple. And that... upsets me. But clearly.. it never upset her.
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aww D: well i hope ranting helped! since it usually does XD

also,long time no see!!! :glomp: <3

(we all missed you sengoku! >w<)
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D: Oh dear, that sucks...

I know how you feel. Friends have been turning on me left and right. >_> In any case, I have to agree with Stagflower above xD I'm sorry we don't really know each other, but at least some people are out there listening :3 *loves on*
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It does...

I don't get friends who turn for no reason. If I'd done something or said something I could understand. But completely blanking without cause or provocation just... aggravates me!

I'm so sorry it's happening to you too... It's horrible. ^^ And it's nice to know that there are some people out there who are understanding. Thank you.
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raspberry-wingsHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing :3 I hope things get better for you <3
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D: Awww! Poor you!

I realize I've never talked to you before, and you really don't know me.... ^^ But no one else has posted, and I think you need some love....

So here! Have a virtual hug! -hugs- ;3 Things will look up eventually. Just try to keep moving on, and don't get stuck...
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hehe, of it's alright. ^^ I needed to rant so all is good now~

But thank you for your kindness! *hugs back* I really do appreciate that. I'm sure things will look up soon~ Gotta stick to that bright side~
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^^ There you go! Ranting always makes you feel better... especially cause on the internet, there's a very slim chance someone is gonna turn around and turn you in the some physcotherapist!!! xD .3. Aww, hey, other people have commented now... <3 We're here to listen, cause I'm sure we've all been in the same situation before.. (i have), I mean... we're supposed to be deviant, right? ^^ So yes. STICK TO THE BRIGHT SIDE, SIR! WHOO!
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