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AKA: New Things With Foxxie.

1: I's in looooove~~~

2: I've had a cough for the last fucking MONTH!

3: I have been braindead for the last month or more.

4: I have neglected this account... I fail... I SHALL TRY TO DO BETTER!!

5: I have discovered something called InkSome... It's a new journal site, like LJ, but new, fandom-orientated and with LOTS of icon space~~ It's invite only, so if anyone fancies having a look, note me your email and I'll send you an invite! ^^ No need to friend me there or anything, just wanna get people interested if I can~

6: I died laughing at Supernatural.

7: I died at an EVIL Doctor Who.

8: I now ship Tachibana/Shinji as an awesome pairing!

9: I now DETEST the pairing Sanada/Momo or ANY variation there of.

... Was gonna make that 10, but I like odd numbers! HA!



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Awwww Evil Doctor Who XDDD
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DoctorEvil06Hobbyist Traditional Artist
welcome back
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DeidarakittyHobbyist Writer
You're back! 8D :highfive: Glad to have ya back Sengoku. :XD: Awesome 9 facts. ;D