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15 Moonlight Gradient Bases

Texture/Gradient Bases.
100x100. Designed for Icon Use.
Made in Photoshop CS2.
Image Pack included

I must stress. These are made for ICON USE ONLY. There is no .grd file, there will never BE a .grd file. This is an icon makers resource.

If you have a problem with understanding this, go somewhere else. DO NOT SEND ME NOTES OR COMMENTS ASKING WHY THERE ISN'T A .GRD FILE. These were meant to be images for icons. NOT an actual gradient.

:bulletpurple: Credit me if you take/use! Either here, or at LJ [link]
:bulletpurple: :+fav: 's are always good!
:bulletpurple: Don't steal or redistribute my work as your own!
:bulletpurple: Enjoy!

© 2006 - 2021 Foxxie-Chan
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Thanks, used here  House in the woods by HelenaKiss
ELISEY's avatar
Thank you, Really nice gradient
allyeah's avatar
hoooww dooooooo iii save them in gradieents if theres no grd fiiille?:(
tranquil-shadows's avatar
I used these color my work. I'm so addicted to these. You have made me lazy. lol Here's the link:[link]
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Hiiiiiiii...again xD so.... how do I use them << Im still a noob and looser and photoshop, but at least now I have the photoshop Cs XD and soon enough, I'll have the Cs2 *0* do I use the gradients? <-<
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I'm so sorry I've taken so long to answer this! *laughs* You've probably already worked it out by now! If not...

You use them the same way you'd use a texture. It's basically a matter of copy and pasting the gradient over the icon base you're using (these are 100x100 gradients so only really work on icons) and then mess around with the blending options!
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o.o what if I don't use them in icons?? @-@ I'm crazy sorry, I don't really know what Am I trying to do but I'll make a quick sketch and show you XD
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Umm... I'm not sure you could use them for anything other than icons. But if you can, then do it! *grins*
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for example D: backgrounds o.o
I'm still a noob in Ps, hate it <o<
some ppl say I should study Graphic Design xD

o.o Im not creative enough xD
Foxxie-Chan's avatar
You should probably study some PS tutorials first though!
And no, these gradients wouldn't work for backgrounds. For that you'd need either a gradient you can actually add and use in your program. or a large texture/gradient rather than these tiny little ones!
Skalydark's avatar
I know T.T
oh well, im gonna have to pint with colors and then blur xD
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And I'm taking these too ;P Very very pretty ^^
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hehehe, thank you!
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