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Naruto Kyuubi

By FoxxFireArt
This is my interpretation of the time skip Naruto and the dark four tailed Kyuubi form he takes.

Like most of my art this was traditionally drawn, but computer colored. Both characters were drawn seperately, but put together like a collage. I used Paintshop Pro Vr.7 in my coloring and effects.
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nice,btw, no offense meant at all but why is his index finger holding the kunai so.... fat...its fat bigger than his thumb...
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Because I wanted it to.
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Count the fingers again and you'll see how "fat" the index finger actually is ^^"
ImRandomArtist's avatar
....oh....well..... that was embarrassing.......for my defense....a lot of people draw characters without full five fingers and his hand looks very natural even with 'only' 4 fingers..... that and wow how did i miss that.....was staring that that hand for 5 minutes too.......
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Your welcome.:D
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nice, the new manga is awesome
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I actually thought the story started to go downhill after the time skip.
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a cool different style
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I guess it is. Thanks.
WOW; I'm so scared of his eyes' expression! I'm cringing with fear!
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It's always good to try and get the eyes to emote.
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Love this, nice colouring:~d
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