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Code geass - Upgrades



Code Geass - Upgrades
[Episode- R2 06]
[Considered TOO HOT for ADULT SWIM's Message Boards!!]

I've finally finished this entry in this series of 4koma. Took me longer then I would of liked.
This is a good episode I based this one on. Very moving in parts and heart breaking in many.
Now, I had a lot of ideas for this episode, but mostly it was a replay of the previous one, or it was just kind of the same joke. It's a good joke, and I made make those one day, but I don't want these to be just a series of 'Suzaku Sucks!' jokes.
That partly explains the longer wait. As you will see though that this took longer because this 4koma is far more complicated then the others. In the past they had just been very simple and using the same backgrounds.
This one has different angles and a LOT of design work. I had to watch several episodes to get the designs right. Pausing and making video captures for me to look at. Kallen's Guren Knightmare Frame is different then other models. Hardest part was designing those handles and the inside of the cockpit .

I think that screen in the first panel took the most work to get right. Lot of layer work there. Also the third panel needed extra special attention. I'm rather pleased with the detail.

I'm curious if someone wont quite get what's going on in this joke. It's pretty ecchi.
I really look forward to reading your thoughts and comments. Please be sure to post.

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Where in the series does Lakshata-san first appear? Haven't seen many episodes on display for check-out at my library or on the dealer shelves?