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March 27, 2011
Code Geass - Zeroes by ~FoxxFireArt

~FoxxFireArt has a gallery loaded with hilarious comics! This one is my favorite!
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Code Geass - Zeroes



Code Geass - Zeroes
[Episode- R2 08]

I've finally gotten to making the latest 4koma based on the eighth episode. This one is filled with little jokes that are mostly spoilers of the episode.
Watching this scene I thought it was funny how little people were often hiding who they were. Like Kaguya and Rakshata. I picked Toudo for this scene, because you almost always see him with that sword. I'm not sure how many will catch on about Takami is the one posing in panel two. I also had to put in Zero-dog.

Yet again I'm using Kallen as a fan service joke, but that falls in line with what the anime does as well.
Took a while to color out all of this. I had to rush a bit to get this out before the next episode airs this Sunday. They are going to be showing the ninth and tenth episodes. Not sure how to handle that one.

If you are curious about what Zero-dog is saying just check out my Katakana Chart [link] .

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments. Please be sure to post.

Image © Kristoffer Remmell
Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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Ah, yes.

The anime that left me with so many repressd memories.

Angry, ANGRY memories.