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Code Geass - Where's Kallen



Code Geass - Where's Kallen
[Episode- R2 20]

I got to say that I was a bit disappointed in episode 20. Kallen is my favorite character in the series. I had to put up with her in prison for weeks. Yes, she got out and had two good episodes with some nice dramatic scenes, but in episode 20 she had one speaking line. Later in the episode they show big group meetings of everyone, but Kallen. Where was she?
I decided to play off the event of C.C. going back to get Cheese-kun, and explain where Kallen could of been.
She walks in on Kallen wearing her dress. Before she leaves there is NO WAY she can't get in one last tease.
I know C.C. wears white shorty shorts while in that dress. What Kallen has on is just her panties under the dress.

I have her here in Lelouch's room. Upset how she couldn't protect Lelouch, the Black Knights wont listen to her, and she can't even find C.C. Lelouch in the episode did say how he was trusting C.C. to Kallen's care.
Sucks we never got to see Kallen interact with the young C.C. That could of been funny. I was really looking forward to it.
I get why Kallen didn't have a big role, but why not just show her in the meetings. Normally, a writer will remove a character from large meetings if there is something they are talknig about that the writer doesn't want that specific character to know, or know yet.

You may notice her hair style look different while she's wearing the dress. It's not spiked up, like normal, but it also isn't down. It's somewhere in between.
I saw her with this style in the first Code Geass R2 Picture Drama. I thought it looked really cute. It looks perfect for wearing that gown.

The drama is picking up so much it's getting frustrating waiting a week for each episode. Normally around this time I would stop watching till the season is over. That way I could just watch the finale in one clump. I did that with season one.
I have these 4komas to work on though. I said I'd do them weekly. This is a test of my skill and speed.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post comments. I look forward to reading comments.

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shoot her in the hea...

oh wait that wont work I forgot

C.C is immortal, um f-forget what I said