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Code Geass - Upgrades 3

By FoxxFireArt
Code Geass - Upgrades 3
[Episode- R2 18]

I know the 4koma's are a little late this week. Trust me there is a reason. As those of you who have watched the show should realize. This isn't a scene from the latest episode of Code Geass. This is from episode Eighteen. My "Passing the Bomb" joke fell pretty flat. I had to keep explaining the joke. That's a bad sign for a joke.
I thought it best to try and put a rush on one of my other ideas for a 4koma based on episode eighteen, of which I had three in total.
This is another in my rather unusual series of Upgrade jokes involving Kallen and her KMF(Knightmare Frame) Guren. The joke is pretty self explanatory, but it would really help if you saw the previous two.
Part 1 [link]
Part 2 [link]

This one isn't as graphic as the first, but it does leave a LOT to the imagination. Really, if you don't get this joke I think it just shows you are too young for the joke.
To set the scene. Sayako has freed Kallen out of jail while the Black Knights are outside in a very heated battle. Kallen is led to the upgraded Guren and waiting to head out.
My original idea for the third in the Upgrade jokes was to have Lloyd complaining about what an energy hog the Guren was. How every other day they had to replace the Energy Fillers even if they were only doing basic energy checks. Those just so happen be on the same days Cecil worked on it. Last panel would of been Cecil crying as she watched the Guren flying off, as if watching a lover leave her. I just felt showing Kallen's reaction to some new, elaborate upgrade would be.

Art wise I'm very pleased with the color work in this one. The Guren looks great. It was a shame I had to cover it in dialog bubbles at times.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post comments. I look forward to reading comments.

Image © Kristoffer Remmell
Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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Yeah. She's not gonna walk straight for a while after this.
Umbra-Profess's avatar
Are you gonna do these with R3?
FoxxFireArt's avatar
I doubt it. I'm even surprised that they'll be doing a R3, rather than a whole new story and cast. The way they do Gundam.
cullyferg2010's avatar
Love the image in the second panel!
VertigoR's avatar
Cecil mode is probably most hardcore mode ever way will she be able to fight after couple of minutes in this beast
I need an adult?Sweating a little... 
I am an Adult.
I am an adult :)
TenshiIsMeh's avatar
And leave some pansies while ur at it. ;3
EvangelineSinclair's avatar
Always thought the cockpit did look a bit... specialized.
FoxxFireArt's avatar
I think that was created i the series to be more of a style difference. Sort of the difference between Western and Japanese motorcycles.
Artoxs's avatar
what the fuck is this.....  you are extending the stereotype that all Japanese people are perverts
FoxxFireArt's avatar
And you're perpetuating the stereotype that people bitching on the internet can influence anything. :D
She obviously activated the penis.exe. AND THAT'S ME. I HAD A HELL OF A TIME WITH KALLEN. 
FoxxFireArt's avatar
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Guren, Guren flight config, and now Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. The collection is complete.
FoxxFireArt's avatar
The ultimate in "luxury model".
Chosodate9Fullbuster's avatar
Kallen too! That Knightmare was created to have lonely pleasure moments... XDDDDD.
Omfg, her voice when she is... sounds sexy (L) XP.
Love it. You did a great draw ;).
FoxxFireArt's avatar
Why does it have to be lonely moments?
SamTheManThehunter's avatar
are you implying that this is designed to hold multiple people in it for a purpose such as that? O.O
Jackjr10's avatar
wait a minute! Someone please explain whats so dirty on the second page? I see the hobby thingy but i dont get it!
FoxxFireArt's avatar
Read carefully, and see the previous two parts.
lemarin's avatar
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