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Code Geass - Throneroom Humor



Code Geass - Throneroom Humor
[Episode- R2 14]

Got to say this one marks a first. This is the first 4koma I've made for this series where I got the idea BEFORE I even saw the episode. I saw clips of the scene this was based on in the extended preview for episode fourteen. I tried to think about what Nunnally and Kallen could talk about and I used what I saw in the room.
I could of started on this long ago, but I wanted to see the episode just in case I saw something better.
As you may tell. I didn't. The episode was rather dark.

Art wise there was a lot of layer work in this one thanks to that golden cell she's kept in. That and Nunnally's chair was tedious.
Kallen looks pretty good in that Britannian style dress. It looked like her breasts would fall out.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post I look forward to reading comments.

Image © Kristoffer Remmell
Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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I'd attempt to strangle her through the bars